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  1. Welcome home mate - Glad you're enjoying yourself!
  2. npc

    Arcy's Graphical Shop

    Beautifully done!
  3. Bella's a cutie for sure!
  4. Bro thank you for the well organized guide... Tip: Add in merching nerds
  5. npc

    HCIM tourney (PVP)

    Gl w that mate
  6. npc

    HCIM tourney (PVP)

    This sounds like an interesting idea, looking forward to seeing him it plays out. You might end up running into a "HCPVP Npc" at some point...
  7. npc

    DC'ing issue

    This issue has been looked into as of last night - Sorry about your losses pal.
  8. Nice loot man, funny I was trying to buy some stuff!
  9. Can't wait to login when the server comes back up!
  10. npc


    Hey Kiss - Welcome to the community lad!
  11. npc

    J0kester Intro

    Welcome to the server my friend, I hope your stay is enjoyable!
  12. Nice vid lad, my only suggestion is to show all your loot at the end of the video!
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