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  1. yeah i know, but it will randomly stun you, sometimes twice within the same attack.
  2. nice to know, thanks.
  3. So i'm not sure why no one has posted about this issue yet, but it's talked about in game all the time. Zulrah is a pretty crucial boss for irons, and for making money on regular accounts. There are a few issues about zulrah that needs to be fixed: 1). Zulrah is supposed to have 3 drops off of its drop table, not 2. For example on a normal osrs drop you would get zulrah scales, grapes, dragon bones - on here you get the scales and 1 random item from the table. 2). The drop rates of uniques is way wrong on here versus osrs, on osrs it is 1/128 for any unique not 1/244. 3). the red phase will randomly attack without moving, sometimes hitting more than once. And on a side note, kind of zulrah related. You can not make anti-venom+, which kinda sucks as the venom damage does add up. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ
  4. Some pretty solid updates; However there is quite a few things needing attention yet. I have compiled a list of things needing tweaking from just day to day playing on the server. If you're interested send me a message and I can share it with you :) BUT good job envy keep it up!
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