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  1. To have fun and make some cash on the side hehe.
  2. To get started you'll have to trade with Orowen (skilling store) at home, she's located at ::shops. (STEP 1) Get 20 crafting by buying 6 pieces of leather, 6 needles and 6 times thread. Use the needle on the leather and make 6 leather gloves. You'll end up with having 20 crafting. (STEP 2) Trade Orowen (skilling store) and buy 35 uncut sapphires. Skilling in the Wilderness grants you an extra 25% experience bonus. Go to ::mb and bank everything except the sapphires and chisel. Pull the lever (you'll enter the wilderness) and use the chisel on the uncut sapphires. When you're done with this you'll have 55 crafting. (STEP 3) Go back to Orowen (skilling store) and start buying uncut dragonstones. You'll need a total of 1002 uncut dragonstones to end up with 99 crafting. (If you don't have the money for 1002 stones you'll have to buy less and repeat it after you sold the stones, continue reading the guide and everything will be explained.) Buy uncut dragonstones at Orowen (skilling store) for 9.000 each and make a preset like shown in the image: Don't forget to include two cheap items as gear or you won't be able to use "equip last preset" in your quest tab. Do the same as you did with the uncut sapphires (step 2) and go back to ::shops. Now you'll have to sell the dragonstones to the Shop assistant, you'll be able to sell them for 10.000 each. You will need 9.018.000 for 1002 dragonstones to reach level 99 crafting. Remember that they can be sold for 10.000 at the Shop assistant so you'll end up having 10.020.000. Free 99 skill. TIP: I didn't include the use of Bonus XP Scrolls. If you combine these scrolls with skilling in the Wilderness at ::mb it'll be much faster.
  3. Spetterkak


    Eindelijk iemand die ik versta................. welcome to Vitality!
  4. Spetterkak


    Working in a Dutch prison, like a Correctional Officer in the US.
  5. Right now you can only use the Drop Table Viewer to see what certain NPCs drop. It'll be useful to search for a specific item and see which NPC drops it. Example: I want to know what NPC drops a whip so I search for Abyssal Whip ---> the list shows Abyssal Demon, Reanimated Abyssal and Greater Abyssal Demon.
  6. Well... not. Just like people who don't join tournaments can't get the Champion title.
  7. In my opinion the ability to buy skins should be removed. Having one of those skins should be an anchievement instead of being bought with PKP.
  8. I support all of your suggestions except having the ability to buy titles with PKP or coins. Titles should be something you'll have to achieve, not buy.
  9. Hi peeps, Well, my name is Spetterkak and I'm from the Netherlands. I started playing this server with three real life friends just to kill the time but they all stopped playing. I'm the only one left. I'm twenty-four years old, got a stable job and a perfect social life. I play on this server just to kill the time and I pretty much enjoy it. You'll see me bossing and fighting in Edgeville, see you there.
  10. Items like a Crystal Bow or a Granite Maul from the PKP store would be tradeable when you try to trade them with a player. On the other hand, if you try to sell those items in the GE it says they're not tradeable.
  11. alllllllllllllmost brothers.
  12. Congratulations to everyone!
  13. Spetterkak

    Buff revs

    Yes, I support this. At the moment grinding at revs is not worth the profit because of the many PKers.
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