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  1. Guys sorry but what happens with OSRS GP donations exactly? I traded 140m with Flnal so I could buy bits from the store, however he had issues putting credit on to my account and just traded the things I wanted over to me? Bit worried so would like some clarity please?? Thanks
  2. Mrs

    HCIM tourney (PVP)

    I actually implemented this idea into another server perviously, 1 week was hectic. Lots of people work full time and others can play 20 hours a day. Wasn't fair at all. Best suggestion I can make for you is that we ONLY allow 24 hours in game time during that week. Anyone who goes over 25 hours gets disqualified! That worked a charm.
  3. Not sure how I feel about Flnal being demoted, was easily the best of the lot. Nontheless, grats to everyone on promotions.
  4. Definitely the drop rate needs a revamp
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