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  1. Mrs

    HCIM tourney (PVP)

    I actually implemented this idea into another server perviously, 1 week was hectic. Lots of people work full time and others can play 20 hours a day. Wasn't fair at all. Best suggestion I can make for you is that we ONLY allow 24 hours in game time during that week. Anyone who goes over 25 hours gets disqualified! That worked a charm.
  2. Not sure how I feel about Flnal being demoted, was easily the best of the lot. Nontheless, grats to everyone on promotions.
  3. Mrs

    A few suggestions

    Bumping due to so many great ideas not yet implemented :)
  4. Literally could walk to the shops and back before he spawns lmao :')
  5. Mrs

    Buff revs

    Support, it's so hard getting ether to power my chainmace on an iron. Would be great if we could break down weapons for ether, too.
  6. What happened: Constantly getting stuck in instances when you've only been in there for 10 minutes. Game isn't recognizing me as being in the instance. Happened with Kree, Kraken and now Zilly. When did it happen: 02:27 AM GMT In-Game Name: Mrs Screenshots/Video (if available):
  7. Tried this myself, awful update on Zulrah. He starts attacking as soon as his new form appears before you even have a chance to switch prayers, there's no little delay between a change of forms. Hits once with melee after stun and changes, in RS it's twice.
  8. Mrs

    Kril glitch

    What happened: Bandos minions constantly appearing in my zammy instance When did it happen: 18:00 GMT 23/05/2020 In-Game Name: Mrs Screenshots/Video (if available):https://paste.pics/c65205fb61695af83c6ed1f767fb8572 Tried cancelling instance and re-newing, but never worked. Also killed all minions, still spawned in my area.
  9. Mrs

    A few suggestions

    Bumping for coin sink ideas.
  10. Mrs

    A few suggestions

    Thanks for the support some very minor fixes but suggestions nontheless!
  11. Hi team! Hope everyone is well. Just a few things I think need implementing/fixing during my time on Vitality. Not necessarily game changing updates but more QOL updates I think. 1. Escape button can close mini-map like OSRS 2. Rock cake for ironmen, currently in the PK shop for main accounts. Perhaps add it to the PK shop for ironmen too, so we can spend our PKP from Revs? 3. Same note but slightly different, ironmen currently have no use for PKP and with the recent buff to revs, maybe you could change the drop to an iron man point (or something similar) for ironmen, and we could spend on supplies for a seperate shop, potentially supplies, Pet/XP/Drop scrolls, bits from the loyalty/voting shop? 4. Raids (last time I went anyways) was way too hard with Elm. Not sure if this has been fixed or not though as haven't been in a while. 5. Max cape acts as Ava Accumulator if you use one on it Told this is already in game, sorry!! 6. Sometimes ironmen can come across a potentially nasty glitch. Example: when at Revs, if I kill a rev impling and there's already a loot pile on the floor from another player, I may not be able to pick my own loot up due to it saying 'You cannot pick up the loot of another player'. This actually caused me to miss out on not 1, but 2 black masks at Cave Horrors, with them overlapping with Mahogany logs. Really soul destroying when you see the drop and cannot grab it!! 7. Pest Control portals to be all open at beginning? 8. Breaking down any extra revenent weapons doesn't give any Ether like it says it would! In OSRS if you break these down, you'll get some Ether which would be amazing for I'm pretty sure everyone. E.G any extra Craws bows I may accumulate, I could break down to 500 Ether (depending on what is realistic) or could sell to a shop like main accounts can for a bit of GP. It wouldn't be a good idea to get the same amount as if on a PK ready account, but maybe half of the price would be good. I do however, think the Shop Assistant at Edge should be available for ironmen though! But again, we could sell at a reduced cost to normal players. 9. Biggest chat in our ironmen group chat is Pre-sets. Would be great if we could set up our own pre-sets whilst disabling the pre-made ones. This makes it so much easier if I were going to Zulrah, and then decided to gear for Skotizo. At 1 click of a button! 10. Timers are broken on Glod/Skotizo. A lot of the time we don't know which to prepare for until the very moment it's announced where it is in the Wilderness. 11. Ironman donator shop! When will this be executed? Very excited! -----------------------------EDIT----------------------------- 12. Revs drop higher amounts of Ether. With the buff and the increased amount of PKers/PVMers in the area, almost impossible to get a frequent enough rate for filling our weapons! 13. Chaos Ele timer is around 2-3 minutes for respawn, people agreed this was too long 14. Wintertodt specific drops, tomb/pages claimed to be too rare and some people don't see the tomb until 100m+ xp --------------------------COIN SINK IDEAS--------------------------- There isn't really any decent coin sink in the game except the 1% at duels (barely anything) yeah it adds up but the amount of coin caskets coming in to the game, it can't keep up. 15. We need to increase duel commission from 1% to 2% 16. Pet insurance. 10M to insure pet to keep on death 17. Coin caskets 5-10% rarer, also need a boss nerf on pretty much all bosses. Giant coin caskets way too common. 18. More frequent randoms when thieving, too many people auto-clicking these for hours on end and not getting caught. 19. Not sure what items this could apply to, but increasing cost of imbuing/upgrading armour/weapons at doric. 20. Crystal seed and weapons, 10m to convert into a weapon, 15m to revert it into another weapon. 21. Instances are between 400-500k depending on where you are. More often than enough I can make the 500k back after 1-2 kills from giant coin caskets. This needs to be increased to 5m. May add more when recommended by the Iron Clan! Thanks for reading #IronClan
  12. Definitely the drop rate needs a revamp
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