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  1. congratulations @Demix, @Barcalounger and welcome @Kharyrll to the staff team : )
  2. congratulations on the promotions and to the returning welcome back to the staff team : )
  3. congratulations to all promoted and welcome to the team new server supports : )
  4. congratulations kimmy, welcome back miika and our new server support hc merica : )
  5. congratulations to all the new promotions and to the new server supports, welcome to the team : )
  6. man what a good update, can't wait for realism! keep them coming : )
  7. honestly can't wait for this, keep up the good work.
  8. very nice and well instructed guide.
  9. congratulations to everyone who got promoted and welcome to the new server supports : )
  10. congratulations to those promoted and to the new server supports, welcome to the team : )
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