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  1. Gonna start posting these in here as well
  2. Smfh whoever made @Olmlet/Praise Satan a mod, gz to the others
  3. Whoever made Praise Satan a SS smh
  4. This was added in a few updates ago xD
  5. Garbage guide, 1/10 JK it was really good
  6. Just an FYI to legit everyone. I was saying this when they told you the max cape thing.. Regular max cpe DOES act as an Ava's in OSRS because it has the properties of ALL skill capes including the Ranging cape...
  7. Welcome to the Forums man , hope to see you slayin nubs
  8. Omg so cute I cant wait to have another puppers!
  9. Congrats to everyone!! Except @Revize
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