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  1. Does anyone know when the server will be back online?
  2. General shop - Make it so we have a "sell x" option so we don't have to sit spamming right clicks to sell 50 at a time. Update prices in the General shop so things like dragon boots, abyssal whips etc sell for the same price they do to the other stores this stops people having to run around all the different stores to sell low tier items. Edge pking - Allow a cooldown of 5 seconds after using a special attack before you can teleport. When running into the safe area at the ditch make it so there is a 3-5 second timer where players can still be attacked - Both of these suggestions are to help reduce the amount of people who just claw rush none stop. Revs - add a rare drop of lets say 1/3000 for a PVP item. Fix the bracelets so they Auto loot ether into them to keep charges updated. PVP caskets - Could possibly do with being buffed in regards to the coin loots they give as the caskets are pretty rare to obtain from a pvp kill. Trading post - this would benefit every player on the server so they don't have to just sit and spam they are buying or selling an item. Fix the veng timer. It should reset on death we should beable to regear using presets instantly after dying. Teleporting should be put on a timer.
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