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  1. Thank you for everything James You will be missed greatly by the whole community. It was great getting to know you man. Best of luck!
  2. Congrats on the promotions , well deserved. And welcome to the new server supports!
  3. Gz to all the promos and will miss the others, great team all around though.
  4. Yes but the vls spec attack is only 25 % and can still hit 60's, claws spec is 50% and barely hits 80
  5. I personally do not enjoy doing clue scrolls, if i was an ironman it would be a different story. I still would not enjoy doing them, but I would get them done as to hoping to get something useful or an upgrade but other than that.. I just do not enjoy them, even when i decide to start one, if the step and clue scroll helper is wrong, it really discourages me to continue with the task.
  6. I don't agree with this, I think claws are at the perfect position, you can out eat if you triple eat. And trust me it is not "better" than the vls, I get specced 60+ with one vls spec which is only 25% spec bar, I personally think claws are fine the way they are.
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