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  1. Quality of Life Add KBD teleport to Bosses Add the ability to sell wilderness points, mboxes, etc customs to the grand exchange, will help decrease annoying sellers @ edgeville Make it so ring of wealth comes uncharged from slayer store, or make it so you can imbue it while charged. Currently to imbue a ring of wealth you have to use up all the charges first, which is slightly annoying. Pest control portals are bugged, you can kill the portal and it will reset on health after the portal is done, you can ignore it and still complete the minigame but it should still be fixed... Fix clues (aggravating). Some of the clues where you have to search boxes is glitched and its super annoying. Add an option to see a npc drop table by right clicking on the npc, add "view droptable" as an option when right click hovered. Suggestions Add weekly top voter rewards, such as top voter for the week gets a smbox, the next top two get an mbox each. Give more coins for completing pest control, 1230 is nothing and an insult, 25-50k a game seems reasonable. Add a dedicated flower poker area, this could also include a dedicated gambling area, this would give players an alternative to dice and dueling, and also alleviate gamblers from edge home, flower poker seems to be popular and enjoyed among rsps. Give higher bounties to players with high killstreaks, this would give incentive to hunt these players. Instead of someone having a 50 killstreak and the reward only being 500k gp it should be something like 10m or wildy points instead, maybe around 2-3k Increase the price of void from pkt shop and also increase the cost to upgrade it. 7m a piece to upgrade it is cheap imo, should be 15m a piece. Also there is not a huge drive to do pest control for void, unless there is a double point event going on, considering its cheap from the pkt store, it should be more to buy it with pkt. Improve the donator zone, maybe add a donator npc that sells supplies for cheaper than the regular store, nothing op but maybe 10-15% cheaper. Would include super combats, recoils, mantas, etc. Add a way to make good slayer profit from non wildy slayer, this can be done by adding crystal keys to the slayer store, reward caskets, etc. In my opinion most of the daily task rewards are stupid. Its literally a bunch of different colored villager gear, voodoo shields, etc. The crystal keys and reward caskets are cool, but I dont even think the cosmetics in the shop are cool, maybe thats just me? I think xp lamps would be a cool addition to this shop or even supplies, etc.
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