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  1. I am, It just has NOT showed lately, Appreciate the comment man. Hopefully I can regain my respect in due time.
  2. So lately theres been alot of heat with me involved, And theres been alot said and I would like to make peace with everyone that doesnt like me, You dont have to like me but atleast let me apologise for everything, I love this server and I enjoy playing with the players on it every day, Nobody deserves disrespect and lately ive been really hot headed, Im truely sorry for all the hate and disrespect towards some of you, Alot of you were really nice to me and I lashed out for no reason, Ive got alot going on irl and sometimes I let me emotions get to me and snap in-game. Ive learned that doing that is toxic and theres no reason for it. Sorry guys, Hope we can start on a fresh slate, if not. I completely understand, But I did need to get this off my chest.. #Vitalitycommunity
  3. Clan Chats are working now, Just waiting to hear a response for this.
  4. Since day 1, it always says "Player doesn't exist" when I try to joint a clan chat.
  5. Clan chats have never worked on my account, All good guys, you see what you see Im not expecting anything anyway xD
  6. Game Name: Bully Age: 25 Discord Name & Tag: I don't have a discord unfortunately. Country: United States Timezone: Eastern How active will you be per day? Im very active, I play everyday as often as possible Previous Staff Experience: I don't have any. Why should we choose you? I'm a dedicated player that enjoys the server for what it is. I like to help people as I can , Im also always watching Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Determination: A good staff member must be determined to help out. Respect: Respect goes along way with a person Kindness: Its not fun talking to someone who is rude , Not very helpful. Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
  7. Bully


    I Havent been able to load my client since the update today!
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