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  1. Accepting last 10 members in! Be sure to send application.
  2. Bolt


    We take more 7 last persons in clan. Who is intrested and seeing the application form up there. Fill the forms and add I'll contact with u soon as possible. Later on if we have filled 7 more persons in cc, we are taking pay in fee later on. Per face 35m in Vitality coins. Take care.
  3. Bolt

    Hello lads

    Not rlly welcome but yknow, I'll appreciate it brother.
  4. Bolt


    You can now send me applications through discord! Add me up: Bolt#4936
  5. Bolt


    Lasc is deleted / Declined.
  6. Bolt


    @Lascivious Im forwarding this to one of my Generals, to test you out. I'll be messaging you soon.
  7. Bolt


    Sick topic made here brotha aka #LA SQUAD
  8. Bolt

    Hello lads

    Hey boys. My name is Kert Martin, i'm from estonia and 19 years old O.G. My hobbies: Gaming Kickboxing Smoking dank weed Music Ya'll homies can call me Boltie if ya'll need an nickname confirmation. Looking forward to see everyone K3
  9. LA SQUAD - Application form - * Any experience of Hybrid / Tribrid / Pking? - * Age - * Why you would want to join #LS? - * What are your supplies? - * Do you have discord account? - * Timezone? - - Rules - 1. No bsing inside clan. 2. No threatening / flooding. 3. Listen higher ranks commands. 4. Don't discriminate anyone in clan. 5. Don't beg for rank up. 6. Own a discord account. - Members list - Bolt (Leader) (Discord: Bolt#4936) Grannyboy (Leader) Fila (General) Desmond / Papa (General) Fafakuk (Lieutenant) Lewiiz (Recruit) Curtis (Recruit) Rangeteam79 (Recruit) Sphinx (Recruit) Loyal Rambo (Recruit) Tiim (Recruit) Peter Raidopk Whats Luck Junior Chase Jelly Baked Rey Hast Puerto Banos Age of Fury - What our community could offer you? - * Respect * However, if you are good member for us, and aint break any rule and you're doing everything whats right inside clan, we are able to give you ingame money for being respectful / and helpful member. * Nice community. * Revs protection / Wildy pvming and alot more (Multi/Singles). * We offer you amazing experience in a new clan / which i've decided to take into Vitality private server from osrs. If you're able to join pm ingame "Bolt" or "Grannyboy". Thank you for forwarding this thread. Have a good day.
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