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  1. shoot me an offer i can't refuse and i am sure we can work something out
  2. https://gyazo.com/ca94c40f4ed8b6ad333879507cad7ead everything's for sale. let me know what you want
  3. oh well can always try again!
  4. I did them all, it shows in the video that I have completed 121 masters. this only shows for the ones you do yourself not the ones you buy
  5. I support this suggestion. that effect was added in the first place because the armur was kinda bad to begin with. i believe the armor should be expensive but also good so adding the set effect is a good way of putting it in line
  6. I don't agree with this, reason being if you make it really easy and not a "hassle" to do then the rewards you get will become worthless really quickly. currently quite a lot of the items can be sold for 50-300m without counting 3rd age. if you reduce the steps to make it easier these items will drop quickly.
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