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  1. My man's is too stubborn to accept a no.
  2. No support, there's already enough history of previous staff members promoted despite having shady pasts and it being brought up to their demotions.
  3. Well hope it was good while it lasted xD, more people doing it = less money, more pure pkers.
  4. Sucks you got hacked. You would think in 2020 this is basic information. Also, staff WILL help you, I recovered my account from giving it away 3 months ago to a friend who quit aswell.
  5. Mice

    Lava Dragons

    There's gotta be a limit and for a resource that had been placed in the Wilderness PvP shop maybe having it drop noted is a bit much. Maybe for those $2,5k donators funding the server for all of us. Then again, higher payout, could make it another hotspot for pkers.
  6. Mice


    Sure can happen but I don't see them integrating it any time soon. You can host personal tournaments though, and it's as simply as having all participants staking the same amounts. EJ; 8 players. Each 100m. First rounds 100m stake. 4 remaining. Second rounds 200m stake. 2 remaining. Third round 400m stake. Could run into people dipping and what not but there's easier ways to getting marked by the whole server as a shithead.
  7. Insane lmao, back in the day if these had worked during Tournaments woulda been broken.
  8. Mice

    Other games

    Path of Exile / Ark / League. Anything that I can leave for weeks or a month and come back to it right where I picked up, still in my thesis. Maybe later on down the future I'll come back to playing Vitality if my runescape addiction creeps back up.
  9. What the hell happened lol.

  10. Congratulations to everyone and @7 Dust admin now monkaS
  11. #DISRESPECT nice Elysian mate.
  12. NICE lmao feels almost like cheating.
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