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  1. Mice

    Ibans staff

    Along with essentially free runes Iban's staff is legit a carry.
  2. Congratulations to everyone and @7 Dust admin now monkaS
  3. #DISRESPECT nice Elysian mate.
  4. NICE lmao feels almost like cheating.
  5. Mice

    Movies & TV Show's

    Movies Endgame. Django. TV Shows How I Met Your Mother The Witcher / if this counts.
  6. In before you get the pet on an account that's not on yours.
  7. Yesss support, especially the PvP shop thing. It would be quite good for Ironmen to get anything out of pking.
  8. Really nice guide man.
  9. What the... Hope you stick around man! If not good luck and I'll still buy feet pics on discord.
  10. Congratulations to all
  11. Best of luck man, we all have to go through life, I'll be joining you in a few weeks when classes pick up again.
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