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  1. Atleast i had a good laugh from this lmao
  2. Perfect guide, thank you guys so much for the effort on making it
  3. No because while yes this COULD bring some people to the game, much people could quit because they're cleaned, especially Rozy LOL
  4. Pog ! thanks for the opportunity and welcome to the new supports!
  5. Lmao i legit clicked this thinking swxg posted his pic
  6. Thank you so much for this chance of being staff, won't let you down James. Also congrats to @Barcalounger, @Swxg and @Leducon all the promotions!
  7. +1, defininetely a good suggestion
  8. BKK

    New Here!

    I wish you have an amazing time playing vitality, if you need anything feel free to DM me on discord or pm me in-game. Best of luck!
  9. BKK

    Thank you

    It has been quite a year for vitality, we have had our ups and downs, meeting new players everyday and making new friends. Thank you for the ones who stayed, thank you for all the memories we have created on this amazing server called vitality. Also thank you for everyone who took part in todays event, it was so nice to see a lot of players on the hide and seek. Happy new year, and may vitality prosper once again!
  10. Happy new year

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