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  1. Cheers mate! Not hungry for power at all as i dont even intend to go beyond moderator, thanks
  2. Thanks for your opinion doty, That "toxicity" episode wasnt that bad i just was in an argument on general chat but i wasnt disrespectful or anything like that to anyone, by the contrary, i was just giving my opinion, and youd be lying if you told me you never get in a little argument every once in a while
  3. Barca i couldn't agree more, i was not thinking of being anything past mod by now, thanks for the kind words g. About school, dont worry im a good student and im gonna keep it that way, if i get a bad grade ill resign to focus on school
  4. Theres a introdution channel for letting your name out like you wish but hey gl mate
  5. My man it is NOT possible as it is against the rules, just play a bit more and reapply mate
  6. Hey, your playtime has to be minimum 3 days to apply for this role. you should have read the rules before posting. Hope youre enjoying the server and feel free to pm "BKK" if you have any questions.
  7. Game name: BKK Age: 12 Discord Name & Tag: Mart Roq#6229 Country: Portugal Timezone: GMT How active will you be per day? Around 5-6 hours Previous Staff Experience: None Why should we choose you? You should choose me because i've been playing vitality for a while and it became my favourite game, i'm a friendly person and like helping all of those in need, i try to make the server more enjoyable to everyone and i'm very dedicated. Even though im 12 years old, i would like to prove to everyone that i can be a good staff member. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Impartial (Don't take any side just because someone you like did something wrong, always hear both sides first), Active (There's always people in need of help and being active helps them come to you more often) and finally being helpful (Always being available to help everyone in need and all the other staff members). Picture of time played (found in quest tab): My main playtime: My Group ironman playtime: Note: I've been voting more frequently on my Group ironman than on my main. At last i just wanna say Good luck to all the other applicants!
  8. Just pm a global mod or admin theyll delete it
  9. Hey guys, my name is Bkk but my real name is Martin and im 12 years old, most of you may know me because i've been in this server for about 5 months, but i just thought i would introduce myself for the ones who dont know me. That said, i hope to see a lot of you in-game, if you ever need any help feel free to pm me ! Dont forget to ::vote
  10. BKK


    Hey mate, thanks for introducing so we get to know you better, if u ever need help feel free to pm me ingame: Bkk / Gim BKK
  11. I feel like your application is a bit small and you dont say much, you should try add some info!
  12. Hey Doty, thanks for the feedback, i rly forgot that info its much to write :P, about the pics, i was working on them and they are almost ready, its just hard to take them all by myself and then adjust the size etc. Cheers for replying!
  13. Haha cheers dude i put a lot of effort to it
  14. Hey everyone. Welcome to BKK's Theatre of Blood (Raids 2) guide. First of all, I'll be going over the gear setup, this is the setup i personally use. Feel free to upgrade/downgrade anything you want depending on your skills/money. After you are all set with your gear and your ready to go in, ToB has 6 bosses: The Maiden of Sugadinti, Pestilent Bloat, Nylocas Vasilias, Sotetseg, Xarpus, and the final boss, Verzik Vitur. Now that you are familiarized with ToB and all its bosses, I will be going in depth about all the bosses and strategies to kill them. Maiden: Once the fight starts, you will put up pray mage and spec maiden with your spec weapon. Once you've specced, attack her with range and continue the fight. Maiden spawns crabs at 70%, 50%, and 30% health, when the crabs appear freeze all of them and continue on with the fight. Bloat: At the beginning of the fight, spec him with your spec weapon and use blowpipe with range gear to dps him. Once he wakes for the first time, you have to be careful not to be in the same hallway as him or you will be badly damaged. To reduce some damage you can always pray range, keep running from him until he stops for the 2nd time. Just dps him, when he wakes, he's going to be faster if he is at 60% health or less, and falling hands which immobilize you will drop from the ceiling, he will be slow again at 20% health. You have a little less than 1 second to dodge the hands, keep avoiding Bloat and dodge the falling hands, and when he stops you should be good to finish the fight. Don't forget to refill your supplies at the chest if you need it. Nylocas: Nylocas is a very simple room. Equip your mage gear and enter the room. Remember to ALWAYS stay on the safespots: North, east, south, and west sides of the room. Crabs will be spawning in the room; mage the blue ones and, if you want, switch to range for the green ones, meele is not worth it. Don't forget that crabs damage the pillars supporting the room, so don't let them go down! Once you've killed all the crabs, you have a couple seconds to prepare until a big boss comes out. He is a crab which attacks with all 3 combat styles. You can hit him twice on meele phase, twice on mage phase, and 4 times on range phase with blowpipe equipped. Blue phase: Pray mage and attack with mage Green phase: Pray range and blowpipe him White phase: Meele him Once the fight starts he will always be meele phase so you spec him twice. After that just switch combat styles with him and you will kill him easily. Sotetseg: Sotetseg is one of the easiest rooms in ToB. He has 2 special attacks which are: Deathball, if you ever see a big red ball coming from the sky you quickly dd (all stand on the same tile) with your other team members to negate damage. If you're solo you won't take any damage. Maze: One person will be chosen to show the path to the rest of the party. The others follow the tiles that are lit up. For the pather, the entire path will be lit up in red and you have to follow it with a pace that other members of the team can keep up with. However, not too slow, because there's a cyclone following them which may damage them as they go. For the start of the fight, spec Sotetseg and Tbow/Bp it. After that, avoid the special attacks with the strats I mentioned and he'll be easy to kill. Xarpus: Xarpus is by far the easiest boss but he is very boring. When you enter the room, Xarpus will be asleep with around 70% of his hp. Before he is awake, some holes will appear in a 1-tile space on the floor. You have to stand on them to avoid him going to 100% hp. If you dont want to do it it's fine, it's a small time difference since he is a very easy-to-damage boss. Once he is awake, spec him with your spec weapon and then range him. Always avoid his poison attack. Keep attacking until he screeches, at around 20% hp. When he does, you have to attack him from behind at all times. He will rotate directions every 5 seconds. Now for the final boss, Verzik. Verzik's boss battle is divided into 3 phases which each have unique special attacks and strategies. First phase: You should drop brews on the floor (in-case you die) for the other teammates to pick up if needed. The team should have 1 member with the Dawnbringer staff. Once you are all set, talk to Verzik and start the battle. At the start, you will have time for 3 specs with Dawnbringer staff and 4 melee hits. After that, you will have to run behind the pillars to avoid getting 1 shot by Verzik's mage attack; it can be avoidable via pray mage, but not all the damage is neutralized. The person with Dawnbringer staff should drop it so other teammates can spec Verzik as well. When Verzik moves her legs, it's a sign she's about to attack. So as you see her doing that animation, that means you have to run and you will have time for 2 Dawnbringer hits (spec or not) and 2 meele hits. Range is not worth it. Just keep going out of the pillar and damaging her until the 1st phase is done. Second phase: Verzik will come off her throne and she will stand in the middle of the room. When the phase starts, she will spawn crabs which you have to freeze. Doesn't matter which combat style they are, once they are frozen, you wil equip your spec weapon and spec her, if you do have spec. After you've specced, you can equip either your meele gear and meele walk it, or just blowpipe her if you don't have a Tbow. I do NOT recommend meele for learners, as, if the timing is wrong, they will take damage from her auto-attacks. Always remember you have to dodge Verzik's auto-attack every 2 ticks or so. You have time for 2 blowpipe hits and then move 1 tile away; keep repeating this while avoiding damage. At the end of the phase, make sure to keep Pray Mage up, as she will Blood Blitz you. If you don't damage her enough at around 10% hp, she will spawn red crabs which you can meele, range, or mage. I suggest to blowpipe them, but do not kill them. She can spawn these crabs multiple times depending on the damage you do until the end of the phase. Third phase: 3rd phase is the hardest phase of Verzik Vitur's fight. She attacks with all the combat styles. If she steps the floor and you see a big blue circle under her and blue balls come out, it's a mage attack. Meele is the same blue circle but blue balls don't come out. Range is just green spikes. All 3 of those hit very hard. Always remember to freeze all the crabs you see. Verzik has a lot of different special attacks. Sometime during the fight, she will go to the middle and open up her back. She will shoot webs along the ground at random locations, which you can walk around to avoid. Continue dealing damage while you avoid, preferably with range. Once she is done shooting webs, carry on with the fight. Always remember to change your prayers accordingly. Continue freezing crabs and outputting dps, and at around 20% hp, she will mark some yellow circles on the ground around the room, which you and your party have to stand on, otherwise you will take around 50 damage. She will also send out purple cyclones when she's low hp. They will heal her if they hit you, however you won't take any damage; it's your choice to dodge them or not. And finally, we have a deathball. She'll send a big, green and black ball to one of the team members. If you get targetted, heal up to full and NEVER stand anywhere near your teammates, as you will pass it to them. It will hit you for approximately 80% of your hp. The max you can get hit by it is 74. Finish off Verzik, avoiding getting damaged by as many of these special attacks as you can. When you are finished, enter her treasury behind her throne, and hope for a purple chest! Thank you to everyone who reads this guide, I hope it helped!
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