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  1. I see you helping out in-game and discord, fairly active on forums too, don't talk to you a lot as our timezone is different and we're looking more for GMT timezone, no problem though. I can definitely support this app, good luck
  2. About this application - i see you are a funny person in-game and i've never seen any sort of toxicity from you, altough i would reccomend being more active both in discord and forums as i dont see you that often, i see you help in-game sometimes. I remain neutral about this application as of now. Best of luck!
  3. Big vouch from me, never seen jib be toxic or in an argument, funny and nice person in-game and always willing to help anyone. He's also on the same timezone as me which would be a huge help as im normally the only staff member on during afternoon. +1, definitely.
  4. I am sorry but we require at least 3 days playtime to apply for the staff position, best of luck in the future though!
  5. BKK

    New Here!

    I wish you have an amazing time playing vitality, if you need anything feel free to DM me on discord or pm me in-game. Best of luck!
  6. BKK

    Thank you

    It has been quite a year for vitality, we have had our ups and downs, meeting new players everyday and making new friends. Thank you for the ones who stayed, thank you for all the memories we have created on this amazing server called vitality. Also thank you for everyone who took part in todays event, it was so nice to see a lot of players on the hide and seek. Happy new year, and may vitality prosper once again!
  7. Happy new year

  8. BKK

    Teleporter rework

    Personally i think the interface looks super cool, will take me some time to get used to it but ye
  9. I'd also like to "change" my statement about this application. I have paid more attention lately and i see the help you've done for the server lately. See some activity in cc and forums interacting with everyone. That said you have my complete Support. Look forward to working with you claw.
  10. Very cool guide thanks a lot.
  11. Happy holidays friendo!
  12. Merry christmas my g, hope you all have an amazing holidays and all is well.
  13. Bully is nice and funny, helpful dude, has reported issues to me, Personally i havent seen any toxicity but i didnt get the chance to talk to you a lot. That said you have my support. Best of luck mate!
  14. Alright please message Barcalounger he knows a little more about this
  15. I think you have to install the universal client of the website
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