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  1. Good and an extensive guide
  2. khalifa

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    Looks amazing man, great job. hmu on discord with ur ign
  3. Welcome to vitality! If you ever need any help do not hesitate to ask any staff member!
  4. +1 either that or increase the yield per steel bar smelted
  5. khalifa

    Evo x's Intro

    Welcome to vitality!
  6. khalifa

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    Format: blue black shadowy idk Text - Khalifa Colors - Blue Theme - idk really. Idm paying for the service aswell just hmu.
  7. Welcome to the server/forums! As you can see we have a very interactive community on forums, discord and ingame. I hope you enjoy your stay here If you need anything hmu!
  8. khalifa

    Arcy Farewell

    Its very saddening to see you go brother, let alone seeing you go out that way :/. I hope your reconsider your decision later down the line and rejoin us later :P. I really wish you best of luck in your endeavors in life ahead. Love you bro
  9. Post a screen shot of the items
  10. Congratulations! and thank you !
  11. What is everyone’s current goals on vitality?
  12. 1 million pkp from scratch w/o buying any ! First post ! https://gyazo.com/236440fc2f61b7dd8f1bf49c8ebcfad6
  13. khalifa


    Heya shanks! Welcome to forums!
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