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  1. It's a RSPS, who cares.
  2. GZ all.... Flnal getting demoted????????
  3. Yeah so khalifa can change his horrific name lol.
  4. Yo Makaveli

    Quick cash!

    Should be tazed in the nuts for exploiting my money making methods.
  5. Yo Makaveli


    Bruh, you have 2000000000IQ. Sadly it didnt work.
  6. Yo Makaveli

    GE BUG

    lol, back to spamming in edgeville I guess. Well at least until they fix.
  7. Rich people problem.
  8. Kidding, pursue what makes you happy brodda. No need for other peoples opinion.
  9. Yo Makaveli


    I think the only way to solve this is to not play Ironman mode, esp on a RSPS
  10. Save yourself the trouble, pursue a new career
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