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    Ironman cc

    are you an ironman? do you need some help/tips/tricks? why don't you join the "Purity" Ironman cc! over 35+ members. We do pest control and other mini games to help each other progress. We also give all the best advice we can for anyone wondering. If you're also new and just need help getting around and stuff please do join us! Search "Purity" We also have a discord server where we chat and show rare drops, pet drops etc etc. Join now! - Purity
  2. Purity

    Hard Clue Bug

    Hey sorry I just seen this. All sorted now the spot isn't 100% correct it's a few tiles away but works fine when in that spot! thank you for your help server is great
  3. Purity

    Hard Clue Bug

    yep none of those work
  4. Purity

    Hard Clue Bug

    still doesn't work.. unless i'm being completely stupid but i've dug in the right place
  5. Purity

    Hard Clue Bug

    + when i go to next clue, nothing happens when i dig
  6. Purity

    Hard Clue Bug

    did a step, got the next scroll and the scroll says a different clue been to that spot but nothing works and when i go back to the old step the screen visuals still show the box even tho i've clicked it and moved on. all my hard scrolls are now the same.
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