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  1. Hello everyone, here's a list of all recent promotions, demotions, and resignations. Promotions: @Demix Has been promoted to Administrator @Barcalounger Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Kharyrll Has been promoted to Server Support @Swxg Has been promoted to Server Support Demotions / Resignations: @hc merica Has been Demoted from Global Moderator @Excuse youHas Resigned from Global Moderator @Doty Has been Demoted from Moderator @Runite Has Resigned from Administrator @Runite Has Become Discord Moderator @cynthia Has been Demoted fromServer Support Vitality Management Team
  2. hey who are you again?

  3. Congratulations to all and the resigned ones will definitely be missed
  4. IN NEED OF MORE OCEANIA TIMEZONE STAFF! If you are interested in joining the friendly staff team and meet the requirements then please head on over to https://forum.vitality.ps/forum/29-staff-applications/ today! if you do not meet the requirements or just have any questions about wanting to be in a staff position in the future then please feel free to pm myself on discord Beastly#1991 or any of the friendly staff members! THANKS Four / Beastly
  5. Love your work! Not sure if it’s something dev’s/owners would consider but certainly cool to see your efforts and your proud of it!
  6. Beastly

    Castle Wars

    None the less it’s a good thought of idea. just my opinion
  7. Beastly

    Castle Wars

    I mean the hardest thing is spending dev’s time on things that are dead content in 07 I feel. Where it could be used in many more places or for upgrades to the mini games we already have such as LMS
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