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  1. I give support for this cause his a good dude and know for quiet a bit now, but also do wish to see more in cc + yells help etc. since that is virtually the job of a SS. But keep it up and get noticed my guy.
  2. +1 this as a uber donator and the fact of how kind of useless it is.
  3. Beastly


    And probably make more money then me lol
  4. Gratz to everyone! And massive Thankyou!
  5. Enjoyed it mate, you did a good job!
  6. Bring on TOB 😎 can’t wait to slap verziks cheeks with the scythe she THICC

  7. Beastly

    [B] Scythe

    Hahahahahah not even brah
  8. Beastly

    [B] Scythe

    buying scythe 6.5B pm Beastly in game or reply on here
  9. Beastly

    Wildy Points

    Large clan Wildy Points is recruiting ! we are looking for active raiders to join the clan today. Wether your experienced or not it’s okay we can teach and give tips we have a lot of experienced raiders. Excited to see you guys there!!
  10. selling dhcb in ge 550m! take the best crossbow for raids at a good price ! u wont regret it
  11. Beastly


    Who is your favourite streamer you all love to watch! Rs related streams or not doesn’t matter. mine would have to be purpp or skiddler, love how entertaining and funny they are haha
  12. Hey guys beastly here! thought I would put it out there that I am more then happy to walk through raids with new players and teach a few things I have picked up along the way! Feel free to add me up and shoot me a pm and We will organise a time. Beastly
  13. Beastly


    Been here for a while now but better introduce myself Beastly aka Cameron, from the greatest country in the world.... Australia I mainly do tonnes of raids/pvm I can’t nh for the life of me but yaknow I give it a go. Feel free to add me up!
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