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  1. Very helpful dude, does what he can for the community and is a straight shooter. Good luck on your appli, friend!
  2. Table of contents 1. Requirements to raid and room specific items 2. Gearing, Bis to welfare grading 3. General raids info Keywords for CTRL+F: requirements, gear, potions, tekton, crabs, scouting 1. Requirements to start raiding Skills: 78(90) herblore. 80+ agility. 80+ thieving. 30+ construction. 55+ farming(highly suggest 90+) items: Pickaxe for guardians. Crush weapon for Tekton. Hammer for crabs+construction (Dwh works, Swh does not) Salve amulet (i) for Skeletal mystics (kill 225 undead creatures, buy it off of Twiggy south of ::shops for 100k, upgrade it at doric) PSA: a stab weapon is not required for the crystals on Vasa (as of now) 2. Gearing, bis to welfare Solos Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore Team raids Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore, Avernic defender is for dwh specs/guardians Learner teams setup Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. Bringing 2 extra brews into olm does more than the melee gear does, so this is by far the best setup for learners Teams Raids Void Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. a lot less tanky, but A LOT less costly aswell! Bis items, slot for slot Helm: Neitiznot Faceguard > Serpentine Helm > Helm of Neitiznot | Q: is Ancestral hat worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Neck: Torture > Fury > Glory | Occult necklace > Fury > Glory | Anguish > Fury > Glory Back: Infernal cape > Fire cape | Avas Assembler > Avas Accumulator | Q: is Mage arena2 cloak worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Weapon: Scythe > Dragon hunter lance > Rapier > Tent whip > Zamorakian hasta>Whip | Harmonised>Ttrident>trident>Volatile>Kodai>Nightmare staff>Master wand>ancient staff | Blowpipe(required) Tbow>DHCB>ACB>DCB>RCB Special attack weapon: Dragon warhammer > Statius warhammer > Bandos godsword > Volatile staff > Crystal halberd > Dragon claws > Vls Crush weapon for tekton: Scythe>Bludgeon>Elder maul>Zamorakian hasta>DHL>DWH/SWH Offhand: Avernic defender > dragon defender | Tome of fire | no mage or ranged offhand is worth a spot in the inventory, considering none of them give a max hit, and accuracy is never an issue in raids. Avernic defender is perusually not worth bringing if you've got a scythe either, unless you're really comfortable with your amount of food/supplies that you're giving up for it. Chest: Vesta>statius>bandos>Torso>obsidian | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Legs: Vesta>statius>bandos>obsidan | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Gloves: Ferocious gloves > barrows gloves | Tormented bracelet > barrows gloves | barrows gloves > - Feet: Primordials > dragon boots | - | Pegasians > ranger boots > blessed d'hide boots > Snakeskin Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring | NO other ring is worth bringing, but if you have neither, just slap on whatever you can find to the slot 3. General raids info Potions Overload+ (requires 90 herblore to make, 2x can be looted from Tekton/Muttadile aswell) 1 elder, 1 kodai, 1 twisted, 1 noxifier leaf Xeric's aid (Sara brew, 78 herblore to make) 1 Endarkened juice, 1 buchu leaf Revitalisation (Super restore, 78 herblore to make) 1 Stinkhorn mushroom, 1 buchu leaf Prayer enhance (Gives you 1 prayer point periodically, 78 herblore to make) 1 Cicely, 1 buchu leaf Elder/Kodai/twisted Potions(regents to make overload, 70 herblore to make) 1 juice/mushroom/cicely, 1 golpar leaf Crabs In order to lock the crabs in place, you need to smash them with a regular hammer(can be obtained via scavangers) or with a worn DWH. Black crystal = white/nothing Blue crystal = melee Yellow crystal = mage Pink crystal = ranged Scouting I, personally, do any and all raids that does NOT involve Vanguards. thieving might not be too time efficient, but not so bad either way Does it give a max hit? check here! https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit Make sure to check out mod "dead"s guide for raids aswell! here: Thank you for reading the guide, I can't wait to hear your feedback! Good luck on the purples out there people!
  3. May my enemies live long, so they can see me progress


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