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  1. dwh suffices bud, just that SWH is bis
  2. hey! you're missing SWH/BGS. void, is in general, better than "max" is though
  3. Table of contents 1. Requirements to raid and room specific items 2. Gearing, Bis to welfare grading 3. General raids info Keywords for CTRL+F: requirements, gear, potions, tekton, crabs, scouting 1. Requirements to start raiding Skills: 78(90) herblore. 80+ agility. 80+ thieving. 30+ construction. 55+ farming(highly suggest 90+) items: Pickaxe for guardians. Crush weapon for Tekton. Hammer for crabs+construction (Dwh works, Swh does not) Salve amulet (i) for Skeletal mystics (kill 225 undead creatures, buy it off of Twiggy south of ::shops for 100k, upgrade it at doric) PSA: a stab weapon is not required for the crystals on Vasa (as of now) 2. Gearing, bis to welfare Solos Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore Team raids Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore, Avernic defender is for dwh specs/guardians Learner teams setup Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. Bringing 2 extra brews into olm does more than the melee gear does, so this is by far the best setup for learners Teams Raids Void Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. a lot less tanky, but A LOT less costly aswell! Bis items, slot for slot Helm: Neitiznot Faceguard > Serpentine Helm > Helm of Neitiznot | Q: is Ancestral hat worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Neck: Torture > Fury > Glory | Occult necklace > Fury > Glory | Anguish > Fury > Glory Back: Infernal cape > Fire cape | Avas Assembler > Avas Accumulator | Q: is Mage arena2 cloak worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Weapon: Scythe > Dragon hunter lance > Rapier > Tent whip > Zamorakian hasta>Whip | Harmonised>Ttrident>trident>Volatile>Kodai>Nightmare staff>Master wand>ancient staff | Blowpipe(required) Tbow>DHCB>ACB>DCB>RCB Special attack weapon: Dragon warhammer > Statius warhammer > Bandos godsword > Volatile staff > Crystal halberd > Dragon claws > Vls Crush weapon for tekton: Scythe>Bludgeon>Elder maul>Zamorakian hasta>DHL>DWH/SWH Offhand: Avernic defender > dragon defender | Tome of fire | no mage or ranged offhand is worth a spot in the inventory, considering none of them give a max hit, and accuracy is never an issue in raids. Avernic defender is perusually not worth bringing if you've got a scythe either, unless you're really comfortable with your amount of food/supplies that you're giving up for it. Chest: Vesta>statius>bandos>Torso>obsidian | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Legs: Vesta>statius>bandos>obsidan | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Gloves: Ferocious gloves > barrows gloves | Tormented bracelet > barrows gloves | barrows gloves > - Feet: Primordials > dragon boots | - | Pegasians > ranger boots > blessed d'hide boots > Snakeskin Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring | NO other ring is worth bringing, but if you have neither, just slap on whatever you can find to the slot 3. General raids info Potions Overload+ (requires 90 herblore to make, 2x can be looted from Tekton/Muttadile aswell) 1 elder, 1 kodai, 1 twisted, 1 noxifier leaf Xeric's aid (Sara brew, 78 herblore to make) 1 Endarkened juice, 1 buchu leaf Revitalisation (Super restore, 78 herblore to make) 1 Stinkhorn mushroom, 1 buchu leaf Prayer enhance (Gives you 1 prayer point periodically, 78 herblore to make) 1 Cicely, 1 buchu leaf Elder/Kodai/twisted Potions(regents to make overload, 70 herblore to make) 1 juice/mushroom/cicely, 1 golpar leaf Crabs In order to lock the crabs in place, you need to smash them with a regular hammer(can be obtained via scavangers) or with a worn DWH. Black crystal = white/nothing Blue crystal = melee Yellow crystal = mage Pink crystal = ranged Scouting I, personally, do any and all raids that does NOT involve Vanguards. thieving might not be too time efficient, but not so bad either way Does it give a max hit? check here! https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit Make sure to check out mod "dead"s guide for raids aswell! here: Thank you for reading the guide, I can't wait to hear your feedback! Good luck on the purples out there people!
  4. May my enemies live long, so they can see me progress


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