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  1. Gruzin Pker

    Ironman cc

    You have my support !
  2. You no longer need to wait bro!
  3. Thanks for this nice update! How about the trade bug, is that fixed?
  4. Title says all, PM INGAME!
  5. This donator zone needs update if you ask me. Needs to be more advanced, there is too much open space thats left empty. -Revenants cave for donators+ only -Add some shops in ::dzone (General)
  6. Things i have for sale: Logs: Yews-Magics-Mahogany Ores: Iron-Coal-Mithril-Adamant-Rune Bars: Rune Food: Anglers PM INGAME FOR INFO
  7. Gruzin Pker

    Quick cash!

    Thanks for this.
  8. I like it. very useful guide, goodjob.
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