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    You have my support !
  2. Yeah ik bro, i prefer to type ::ge to get back home )) The small changes make big difference.
  3. Okay man, thanks for your opinion.
  4. Okay so here are a few suggestions that would improve our gameplay: -Edit respawn time for chaos elemental, it's pretty useless right now. (1m32s is respawn time right now) -Scroll boosts increase time durance from 30 minutes to 60. (develops more active PVMING) -Right click 'send message' option without having to add the user. -Allow vote store to buy items back for vote tickets in return. -Enable buy player-title with PKP/GOLD. -Enable ::ge and ::topic commands to use. Thank you for reading.
  5. You no longer need to wait bro!
  6. Thanks for this nice update! How about the trade bug, is that fixed?
  7. A few suggestions: -Revenants cave for in dzone for donators+ -Enable presets to edit (update) outside home area -Donator symbol only showed when messaged sent/typed -Add command ::topic/::thread ingame to advertise forums threads/topics Thank you, best regards.
  8. Title says all, PM INGAME!
  9. This donator zone needs update if you ask me. Needs to be more advanced, there is too much open space thats left empty. -Revenants cave for donators+ only -Add some shops in ::dzone (General)
  10. There are more bugs that need to look into
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