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  1. Strap yourselves in Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a BIG ONE (and VERY embarrassing). Grab your ice cold beverage, put your shades on and kick your feet up and play this video before you scroll further down! Before we came to this server, Gypsy Aris(From Varrock Center Square) told us, ''listen man, there's massive whales out on Vitality'' We thought to ourselves, no surely not another Runescape Private Server where we will be beating up egoistical manchild pkers, but here we are! What you're about to witness here today is a beating that you would be given a life sentence for in the real world. Starting off with Adv(leader). Just 10 minutes into our pk trip he had hit the floor to a MASSIVE 55 armadyl godsword spec. We asked them, what happened, did his cat pull the plug, or did his dad give him another beating mid pk trip? Nope it was just him being STUPID. His leader told us he had ''dced'' and he was not wrong, infact he did dc(in his brain)! They then proceeded to tell us he is not with them, only to be seen focusing their kills moments later! Next one we have here is Slave Trader,who was witnessed begging for mercy following his death to a SINGLE Armadylian Godsword Special Attack(Only 50% required). The voice channel following this death was something you'd hear in a comedy, we couldn't stop laughing. And that is the end of our-..... SIKE OLOOLOL THERE IS MORE. Have they not learnt from their mistakes????? NOPE. As B0aty from twitch would say, ''He's out of run, he's out of life, gimme yer money mate!''. Yet another kill we managed to pick up today for a hefty amount as Zloppy was EXTREMELY sloppy with his fat fingers and managed to click the wrong F3 during this pk trip and died to a singular armadyl godsword spec! Sigrid, who is another leader of Big Dawgs told us in an interview and I quote ''This kid is a fucking moron I gearcapped him and 2 mins into the pk trip he's dead for max'', sheeesh!!! Internal beef!! Honestly at this point there are so many kill pics I'm tired of typing. As this topic comes to an end, I'd like to dedicate this final section to chances we've acquired on Big Dawgs over the past few days. They can be considered EXTREMELY LUCKY with chances like these. You can tell these niggas were dripping with grease when they were on the verge of dying, don't worry you won't be this lucky next time! And this is how it's done. A swift 4-0 after years of experience. We gave them it all, uppercuts, left hooks, right hooks, we're just too unpredictable for these avoiders These fat hippos are scared of us. We're their idols. Bald idiots can stick to hiding as we claim the wilderness as ours for the next few months. If you'd like to pk in max sets without the fear of dying, don't hesitate to send me a private message in-game and we can sort something out.
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