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  1. bkk ur such a fking monster man can u teach me tob one day PLSS
  2. make me something fly bro. my payment is 1 day no flame.
  3. very high iq logic i completely agree with this
  4. we on to something big here might need % of the money they gonna make of these 200 iq ideas..
  5. i agree 1000%[email protected]! we make u custom jigglypuff pet too so it match ur outfit etc..
  6. we make ur torva set pink with sparkles and cool lights!
  7. I think once we get full torva and pikachu pet, vitality take over whole rsps scene!!!!!!
  8. Gz twift, and whoever the fuck the other ppl are jajajaja.
  9. GZ to all! welcome back king west coastermen
  10. stepdown


    gl we already know who's winning jjaajajaja
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