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    OK! So i've only got a few things to say, i've been playing this server for quite a while and i've seen up to almost 700 players only but for the past 2-3 weeks it has been only 300 to 400 players, wich means people are quitting, why? not much content into the server.. not much is beeing done to upgrade quality of servers life.. upgrades into the server are little to none and when 1 good thing comes into the server 10 other things break and they take a bit long to fix it.. wich is very bad! YES! this post should be considered TOP Priority to have a good look at ! you have to do something about all of this cuz all this ideias are gonna save the server otherwise i give it 1 to little less then 2 months to be less then 100 online players, and the ones who gonna be in it are going to be the wealthiest and the DICERS players trying to take the little money the new players will have eventually making them "good deals" so they gamble, lose it all and say "fuck this server" and move to another one. This server has so but so much pottential that i hate to see it going the route of "self Distruction" cuz no one is doing nothing to improve it! Maybe not doing all of this improvements at once is a good idea or maybe it is but you have to do them! 1 by 1 is good enough but this quality of life server changes HAVE TO BE DONE! for the TOP 5 on the voted list 400 players online is very very low amount! PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS ! FOR THE SERVERS LIFE! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TASK U DID A HELL OF A GOOD JOB!
  2. perhaps u gotta delete cashe and/or delete client and download again, try it and gl
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