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  1. Game Name: Iron Leduc Age: 31 Discord Name & Tag: Mason VCAD#8265 Country: Canada Timezone: MST How active will you be per day? As I am currently in school online for Video Game Development and Design, I am constantly on while doing school work. I would say I am on average active about 5-10+ hours a day Previous Staff Experience: I have no RSPS experience for staff, but have held management titles in real life at jobs. Why should we choose you? Active, fun and full of energy. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Knowledge, a good understanding of the server and OSRS (I have been playing Runescape since 2004 and have about 500 days played since on one account). Active: being active makes for a good staff member to help out anyone who needs it especially newcomers. Respect: Respect for other staff and players is huge as without it people will not take the staff or server seriously. Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
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