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  1. so what your saying is game crashed and its your fault not mine I lose my bank I worked a long time to gather 10b and 200k wilderness points just pking never donated staked or gambled in any form more then I can say for most not to mention other items and you think youll be able to cover your ass by giving donators there stuff back when your already losing to dreamscape(shitty server ill add) this is gonna hit your server worse then your thinking if I wanted to put 100s of hours into something just to lose it id play oldscool ill be looking for a better server thanks for heads up so I don't have to keep checking back to find I have nothing game was already dying before this and this is the final nail in the coffin not coming back maybe some suckers will but happened once will happen again not worth my time back to runescape where their problems aren't yours and you don't get reset if not breaking any rules

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