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  1. to quote cream pie "I think you should choose my person because I am a patient, consistent, eloquent person who knows what he wants. I'm not abusive in any way. A few people can say that I am toxic, although it is drawn from the context of statements or conversations on vc @ discord. I believe that it is suitable for this position to proudly support the making of the team and the players." "Emotional maturity" That to me, is lying about his own application, regardless of whether or not it's ingame. I'm sure the staff team wouldn't want someone like this on their staff team threatening to ddos people and abusing powers, furthermore wouldn't want the guy being abusive to players over discord either whilst representing Vitality brand.
  2. No vouch from me, got proof of the guy threatening to ddos me on discord. Got more proof of the guy using racist language and a lot of other negativity. https://gyazo.com/4792948e64a253eaaa8a8f701d2a2c6b
  3. wiz

    Gorilla Warfare

    There is an application process in order to join. We are a Multi/Single pking cc (#1 Ingame) We are a discord only pking cc This is our application process to join -> -> -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qsZFR0bCbMI_l1eFalnHgd83IK_0hW6648iIdTW4Aa8/edit
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