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  1. Great guide, appreciate the effort put into it. Looks very nice. Good job.
  2. Welcome to the forums, Doty. Hope to see you around, feel free to message any of our staff team if you ever have questions or need help. See you around
  3. Welcome to the server, hope to see you around. Feel free to message any staff members if you ever need assistance, we're always happy to help.
  4. Joey

    Hello Friends!

    Hey Janelle, welcome to Vitality. Hope to see you around the server and in-game. If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to message a staff member or myself, always happy to help. See ya around!
  5. Hey I loud I, welcome to Vitality, glad you're enjoying it! Hope to see you around the server & forums!
  6. Hey Cory welcome to the forums, hope to see you around!
  7. Congratulations to all of those promoted, hope to see good things from you all.
  8. Welcome back to the server
  9. Welcome to the server, enjoy your stay.
  10. Congratulations to all promoted, welcome back Miika. Hope to see good things from the new promos :3
  11. Congratulations to all the new promos, sad to see some go.
  12. Joey

    Goodbye for now..

    Stay safe, hope to see you back soon
  13. Joey

    Sup nerds

    Wow, that was a deep intro. Welcome to Vitality.
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