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  1. Hey there, our forum and in-game accounts are not linked, odds are you are trying to log in with a username that is already taken. Try using a few new usernames when logging into the client.
  2. Congratulations to all of those promotions.
  3. Glad we’re able to push these, hope everyone enjoys the content
  4. hi joey, its Vaxion/Rolled. my 2nd account. this one is reg donor/hcim 😉


  5. Joey


    To my knowledge the developers have intentions to create an all inclusive gambling zone in the future. Although not 100% priority content, it would be a very nice addition. Support to the suggestion.
  6. Congratulations to all of those promoted, sad to see some go. Hope to see good things from you guys.
  7. Nice guide, I like how you included that fact that you can't load the presets without wearing items in the gear spot. Good job.
  8. Congrats to everyone who was promoted, thank you for your work to all of those who are saying their goodbyes
  9. Yes there is a couple in-game and they are obtainable, only source is Vorkath though.
  10. Hey welcome to Vitality! Glad you're enjoying the server! If you ever need assistance, feel free to contact myself or any ::staff members whom are online!
  11. 100k for reds and 250k for black chins is a bit over the top. I'd be willing to say 70k max per black chin, and 30-40k for reds.
  12. Hi Jokester, welcome to the forums!
  13. Joey


    Hey man welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around here & in-game!
  14. Poppy's a cutie. I got two labs, one yellow, and one black.
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