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  1. Look forward to being back when I’m at full strength IRL again. Congrats to everyone here and in the last thread.
  2. 52xp


    Welcome to the server, buddy :^)
  3. 52xp

    Fixing the ECO

    No dupe has been exploited.
  4. I genuinely would love to see most, if not all of these implemented. Nice suggestions! +1
  5. 1; I personally don't agree with this. I love some custom home areas, but most of them tend to fail pretty quickly, especially in situations like Vitality where we are predominantly a PvP server and rely on having Edgeville as a home area for quick and easy access to the wilderness just north of it. 2; I support having 2 rank icons. I think Donator should be the least prioritized, so my account for example would be HCIM -> Mod Crown -> 52xp. 3; I agree with this a ton and know that a couple other staff members do as well. I do however see both sides of the equation and know that at some select points, the amount of Supports and Moderators we have is a necessity. This is mostly due to time-zones, though.. so I'm sure changes (or rotations, if you will?) could be made for the benefit of the server. I must say though, that I do love most of our staff team. But I will leave all bias out of this :^) 4; I agree with this as well. I'm not sure to what extent we could introduce unique things, but I personally have never been a fan of custom items and would therefore reject that idea. That being said, more custom events (namely non-PvP oriented ones, to balance things out) would be an amazing addition to the game. 5; Regular PvP accounts are able to click their combat skills to adjust them right now. They also have access to at least ::master and ::pure, to my knowledge (never tried ::zerker). That being said, I can see why making it a universal thing for any eligible game mode would be a common sense QoL update.
  6. Regardless of whether I chase the osrs gp races or not, I'll probably spend the first few hours skilling, personally. :^)
  7. I've still yet to decide if I want to full tryhard the osrs events or if I just want to work on my accounts yet.. We shall see :^)
  8. Yes, 07 donations will be refunded upon relaunch.
  9. Donations that aren't done directly via ::store will have to be handled by Trick or Envy manually. Not guaranteeing you a result, but that's what I know. Your opinion is your own and I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong, but I can assure you that my head is up no one's ass and that this is the best possible course of action, all things considered, for Vitality in the long-term. Have a good day, my friend.
  10. Donations will not be refunded outside of the game. This is, as you mentioned towards the end of your post, your choice and ours. It is agreed upon when donating that things are non refundable and despite that, we've still decided to refund things in-game due to the nature of the situation at hand. I'm truly sorry if that is something you're not willing to accept, but that's the only course of action we have that is feasible.
  11. Anything previously donated for will be given back. If you're worried because, for example, you bought two Twisted Bows.. You will (fortunately, in my eyes?) have to hold on to them both, either until the economy is flourishing again or you maybe you want to give one to an alt account of yours/a friend to borrow. The only other thing I could see happening is you working something out with Trick or Raw Envy in order to change what you donated for, provided it's for something of equal value. Might not hurt to ask them, but it's unlikely they'll notice it here alone. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  12. While we understand some players will leave due to all of this, I encourage you to try it out again. I get not wanting to do all of that training again, but this time not only do you have incentives to do so (earning osrs gp as a result), you also have a clean slate and much more fun race to maxing an account. As stated above, we definitely understand that some players are going to jump ship.. But please don't make us out to be the bad guys here. This is an unfortunate situation, especially for us. This isn't necessarily what we wanted in an ideal situation. This is just the best option we had when all others were laid in front of us. Nothing about the staff is shady and we definitely didn't create the economy in a shady manner. We didn't even create it at all. Regardless, I hope to see you Saturday and if not, wish you the best. Hopefully one day soon you'll see why this was an unfortunate but necessary thing to do.
  13. We, as a staff team, definitely appreciate it most when players have the same outlook as you do. Looking forward to seeing you there. :^)
  14. As soon as things are situated, you guys will be updated ASAP. We are working on a solution to the issues at hand and will be making said announcement in some way, shape or form today. I suggest that all of you disregard anything someone tells you is a fact, as nothing has been confirmed to anyone outside of staff at this time. Try your best not to take things so literally, because an ETA is only an estimation at the end of the day. I assure you we are working as diligently as possible to get Vitality back up and running for you all and us alike. We appreciate the patience we've been given thus far, and hope you guys can ride it out just a little bit longer.
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