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  1. I don't think anyone deserves the position more at the moment. Active helping in yell, the clan chat and anywhere else. If he can't answer the question, he will find the answer for you. Pretty easy +1 from me.
  2. Looking great, man. Wish my HC wouldn't have been lost :^(
  3. Never seen anything like this, personally. Almost sounds like Prop Hunt on Call of Duty, LOL. I like the idea nonetheless. :^)
  4. There is no message delay/cc delay or movement delay as of now in-game, just a small bank bug :^)
  5. Thanks for the huge update! Can't wait to try TOB when I get some gear back :^) Hopefully the rework helps with the lag.. but I'm sure you guys will figure it out if not.
  6. Ahh, congrats on the journey so far. It was my ironman that you did some Wintertodt with :^) Best of luck on maxing!
  7. Little late but just seeing this... Spend them all on Infernals and get the pet. ;^)
  8. Welcome to the forums, buddy. :^)
  9. Ya got cha a beava matey! What's up, Kiwiboi :^)
  10. Nice video, man. Almost as interesting as the dude that tentacle whip specced me earlier and got 3 hit by my tent in return. :^)
  11. Aye, I actually forgot after you left the chat and whatnot honestly. I'll do that in a min :^)
  12. I agree with this, personally. I think the Divine was too overpowered even when it came out in 09. I'd honestly attribute the Divine to starting the horrible power creep we now know as RS3, lol.
  13. Appreciate the feedback. :^) I haven't actually added anything for Wildy Slayer quite yet. That's something I plan on doing next, though! First and foremost, I have to finish the list of possible tasks and add their locations, and then work on a block suggestion list when that is fixed in-game. But as soon as that's finished, when I have the energy, I will be throwing the wilderness tasks/tips up there for sure.
  14. Donators currently already have a yell timer, if your suggestion is to add one. If you type ::benefits in-game, you can read a list of all the benefits -- including the differing timers for each rank. :^)
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