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  1. I hope they welcome you back anytime. You're a great staff member man. Goodluck with business classes.
  2. Without. I mean you can basically follow the same guide here with a bonus exp scroll. would just use less logs.
  3. Welcome man Can't wait to see you around. If you need any help please feel free to ask any staff in game or send us a PM on forums
  4. I think everything in runescape is connected somehow. They wanted to build a world that is connected. I think every city, and npc have their own stories we don't know about.
  5. Pretty legit. Keep it up You should be able to link the video so we don't have to open in another tab. Should be able to play on the vitality website. Love that vid tho i get pked there
  6. Welcome to the community! Can't wait to see you around! Let us know if you need any help
  7. Hmm! Would love to see what all they contain. Not bad for free loot though!
  8. Amazing guide man. This was needed for sure. I hope players start using the forums more and notice this guide.
  9. I love all these videos people are creating. Keep up the great work. You're doing amazing man
  10. The reason I did it this way is because this is the Fastest and Cheapest way. Not the ONLY way. There are a 100 ways to go about leveling, starting, what to make, and different woods. This one is Simple, easy, fast, and cheap.
  11. Hello everyone, Thanks for checking out my guide and hope it helps! If you see any issues or wrong information please comment or shoot me a PM A Woodcutting guide created by @Joey can be found Here Note: This is not the only way to go about starting and doing this skill. There are plenty other ways. This one is Simple. Easy, and cheap! Construction 1-99 [FASTEST AND CHEAPEST WAY] Levels: 1-52 - Crude Wooden Chair What you will need? 1) A house! You can buy a house from The Estate Agent at home. This will cost you 100k! He is South of the bank next to the purple portal. 2) 86 Regular Logs, 86 Bronze nails, Hammer, and a saw. The supplies will cost you 8602 GP. See below how to get supplies. 3) Once you have the 86 regular logs ; Go to the SawMill Operator ( Seen Below ) and turn all logs into planks. Note: You cannot use noted logs. 4) Once you have your supplies ; You will need to have the following in your inventory. Bronze Nails (x86) Hammer Saw Planks (x25) 5) Time to go in your house and get some levels ; Right Click on the purple portal at home, and click "Build Mode" Once inside your house you will see 3 transparent chairs. Right click on one and click "Build Chair Space". Press the very first Crude Wooden Chair option. This will give you 2900 EXP! Resulting in 16 Construction! Do this with all 86 logs, and nails. This will give you your final level in this step of 52! Levels: 52-99 - Mahogany Tables So here we are.. at level 52, with 12,910,771 EXP left until 99! 1) Items needed to get: 1,845 Mahogany Logs 2) Where to find Mahogany Logs? Use the Teleport Wizard at home. Under Cities > Miscellania. Once there go to the very North-East Corner of the island. Here you will find a bank and Mahogany Trees! 3) You will need to turn these into planks, which will cost you 2,767,600 GP 4) Go inside your House and use the transparent "Door Hotspot" and Build a "Dining Room" - This will Cost 5,000 GP 5) Once you turn all your Mahogany Logs into planks ; You will have the following inventory Hammer Saw Mahogany Planks (x26) 6) Once you are in your Dining room that you built in Step 4, you will see a huge table in the center. Right click the table and click "Build Table Space" Granting you 42000 EXP Every table you build! Repeat this until you get 99! You will use all 1,845 planks to hit 99!
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