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  1. I honestly believe that the accuracy on the armadyl godsword is unbelievably bad. I've pked with ags & claws for more than a thousand kills and I can confirm that claws are alot better accuracy wise when they are a 60 atk weapon and that shouldn't happen.. is there something messed up in the code? please look into giving it a buff!
  2. Maroon5

    Eco reset?

    Why an eco reset? There has been a dupe and trillions of gold got pumped into the economy Item prices have skyrocketed and its hard for new players to make money Droprates are trash so new items hardly come into the game (look at ely) Whats even the argument against an eco reset at this point? i'm honestly very curious
  3. terrible music and socially autistic team
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/bbdb8c1312bd3f065132047c8d05507e.mp4
  5. What the fuck even is this shit
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