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  1. Vaxion

    2B+ PK

    Nice loot. Easy money
  2. Its good to make a habit out of sticking up melee protection prayers after a fight. and bring teleportation methods to escape a fight fast, the spec doesnt hit if you click the teleport as he specs.
  3. congradulations to all the new staff members. expecially to my man 52!, enjoy all the pms bro
  4. Vaxion


    Im currently going through a drainlayer apprenticeship, sooo. the pay is not the best. but someones gonna get down and dirty!
  5. Hello guys, im Vaxion. im from the #1 island of NEW ZEALAND!. Kia Kaha Aotearoa! Ive played for awhile but never introducued myself on forums. i play an HCIM [Rolled] and my main account [Vaxion] feel free to pm me in game as i have quite abit of knowledge and id love to share it around. my private is always ON
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