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  1. With you being Oceania would be extremely helpful for our side of the world, from what I have seen you are active so many more hours then 6 hours a day, I could randomly log on different times of the day and you'll be online and doing your best to assist players when you are available. I've seen no toxicity from you and I support this application 100% would be a good addition to the staff team.
  2. Good to be back in vitality, this server just got a whole Lot better with me around @Beastly
  3. if you were granted the discord rank in Version 1. there was a slight issue with donation ranks back then where the donations were providing x2 or x3 of the actual amount.. the amount that it shows you have now is the true amount that you donated.
  4. 3rd age cloak Black phat Custome scythe Blue h'ween mask Full Statius Full justiciar Arcane
  5. Vaxion

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    awesome work man! ill tip you ingame when we are both on at same time.
  6. Vaxion

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    Text - Vaxion Colors - Gold/white Theme (Dark\Emo, Glow, Futuristic, etc.) - ill go with futuristic party look xD, abit out there if you will. Other Information - adding the Dicer rank and godlike donor rank in there somewhere would be awesome, with a character similar to this https://prnt.sc/tlsojv (with your own twist is possible, abit better then that lame pic) standing beside the name Hit me up ingame for a tip whenever you get free time. thanks
  7. missing the scythe xD
  8. Vaxion

    2B+ PK

    Nice loot. Easy money
  9. congradulations to all the new staff members. expecially to my man 52!, enjoy all the pms bro
  10. Nice update! will be good to get back into raiding TOB!
  11. Vaxion


    Im currently going through a drainlayer apprenticeship, sooo. the pay is not the best. but someones gonna get down and dirty!
  12. Hello guys, im Vaxion. im from the #1 island of NEW ZEALAND!. Kia Kaha Aotearoa! Ive played for awhile but never introducued myself on forums. i play an HCIM [Rolled] and my main account [Vaxion] feel free to pm me in game as i have quite abit of knowledge and id love to share it around. my private is always ON
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