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  1. I'm not sure I agree with this. I've hit constantly high with ags numerous times, although I do agree claws are very powerful, I'm not sure that I prefer them over AGS.
  2. Very useful & detailed guide, thanks Joey!
  3. Congrats! Best of luck on the future goals buddy.
  4. Still buying these! Looking to buy up to $1k in donations!
  5. Solid

    Check it

    StubbedToe. This generation...
  6. Solid


    and mediocre risk fighter.

    Never to have suffered, would mean to have never been blessed.
  8. Send me a PM on here or just reply with your discord if you can do some graphics work.
  9. Solid

    Arcy Farewell

    Hate to see a GFX artist with such talent leave. Best of luck.
  10. Great guide brother. Very nice and detailed.
  11. Great guide brother. Very detailed.
  12. I’ll be buying all in-name donations just reply here or shoot me a DM on Discord. andy | Solid#4491
  13. Solid


    Welcome to the server, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  14. Welcome to Vitality, make sure to become familiar with the rules! And the main goal, have fun!
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