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  1. just maxed yesterday save up loyalty points and buy xp scrolls for agility / slayer / runecrafting / farming, the rest of the skills are a breeze and quite easy
  2. @Joeycan you set me as Donator on forums please

  3. Goodluck on maxing im going down this road aswell very soon to get ready for raids
  4. Ive pked a guy not too long ago for his ags and he said his prayers were glitching and that he lost 2x ags that day but not sure if he was bsing he 100% didnt get smited though
  5. Hey man, its good to see another aussie/zealander in the server i went to new zealand for a holiday and it makes australia look black and white so much colour over there anyway hope to see you in game when i come back hopefully
  6. when i first joined vitality i was wondering where the abyssal dagger was and why no one used it, id love to see it in the shop +1
  7. Seems like your mature and have taken time to write this application and put thought into it goodluck +1
  8. Divine would ruin this server its too overpowered, thats why most rsps have it removed same with osrs i disagree.
  9. its all rng when it comes down to it you can spec a 77 or a 0 same with dds and claws i disagree.
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