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  1. aussiedemon

    This is it

    Leaving due to cleaned but id thought id link this video which explains alot
  2. nearly died for max to a mystic kid yep
  3. just maxed yesterday save up loyalty points and buy xp scrolls for agility / slayer / runecrafting / farming, the rest of the skills are a breeze and quite easy
  4. @Joeycan you set me as Donator on forums please

  5. Goodluck on maxing im going down this road aswell very soon to get ready for raids
  6. Hey man, its good to see another aussie/zealander in the server i went to new zealand for a holiday and it makes australia look black and white so much colour over there anyway hope to see you in game when i come back hopefully
  7. Tbow,Scythe and get raids gear and maybe 1k kills in the wilderness
  8. goodluck on the grind, i make 40k pkp pking but thats pretty much the whole day so this will be extreme XD
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