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  1. Taking a break right now play some real osrs but the server is sick. Pking is so close to perfect and the PVMing is improving massively. Economy is pretty good for a PVP server. I hope it continue to grow
  2. only in this game ^^^^^^ tourny clips
  3. https://gyazo.com/eefdd93485e0428a84b4e42a78c8b235 https://gyazo.com/3b44c145ecb5db40544fbb820748b7b7
  4. hahahah cheers! npnpnpnp tkae your time . I think there is a download option for Macs ! try to get it going
  5. https://gyazo.com/f61320e51bfcaa8301d8079d6730048a https://gyazo.com/5613b505abfa66bd12acd808304558fc Am i aloud to rag him for the rest of his life? Yes or No?
  6. another pk, 33 -27 dds haha
  7. 10M+ kill I sniped away haha https://gyazo.com/910e252aa5b49ee31fec2857bc4aa8c6 https://gyazo.com/14d23d0dfbb6270f88f519708d29cc45 https://gyazo.com/5bbabb05fa8c6bff8519e753d635e6ee
  8. Hell yeah! I saw this message sooo late but if your on in the future ill be on
  9. What can you buy with loyalty points?
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