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  1. OSGP donations will be handled by Trick and Raw Envy
  2. Brother, since it is being reset. Considering that, I actually *have never* died on a hard core. In this conspiracy, I'm able to create my first Hard Core Ironman. Get it?
  3. Delta


    I've been working as a Catering Lead / Front of House Supervisor for one of the largest Food Management companies in the US known as Bon Appetit.Due to Covid, I have a temporary job as a Power Cleaner working on Kitchen Exhaust Hoods & Fans.
  4. Here, feel free to check the Announcement as everyone stated.
  5. I believe this means ANY skill to get to 200M first, not restricted to any certain skill.
  6. Maybe I should join the team again just to prevent you from doing so.
  7. Thank you all, and I'll still be around time to time. I've been given permission to stay in Staff Chat, and will be training my ALT account whenever I have some free time. I appreciate all the messages, and I hope y'all help the community more than you've already done! thank you again!
  8. It's been a fun ride, for the time I've been with this community and the countless hours I've spent BETA testing the server, along side helping rid of all the cheaters, and real world traders. I've done my best to be apart of the community in a respectful way, having some friends in the community helped out a lot and I believe I've done my impact for this community. Business classes are starting up, along with the rest of my college classes and I'm going to be getting prepared for that so I won't have enough time to be playing games as I also work full-time. In my last quarter, I experienced that business and account is tough, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pass the class, so I'd rather focus on that than games at this time. I will still be on the server playing time to time on my alt, but for now my position as a staff member has come to an end. Thank you all for the fun ride, and I hope you all do your best to build the community more from where we are. We've done great so far, and I can't want for new members of the community to help us go farther. Good luck!
  9. Nice guide, but I believe there is better way of doing this.
  10. Delta

    Music tastes!

    Hip-Hop/Rap: J. Cole Rod Wave Roddy Ricch Pop: Lukas Graham
  11. Here's a close up on my profile picture. lul
  12. Delta


    Welcome! We already started chatting in the server, hope the information I provided will help you! Goodluck!
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