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  1. Don't let the name fool you, we are not an average ironman clan. We are one of the strongest clan out there with over 200 members that enjoy to play all type of game modes from pking to hard pvming. we enjoy the challenge of building ironman accounts to destroy non iron pkers too! our pkers are known as the "iron gladiators" We are currently returning members from the well known clan "Wilderness" who held revenants on release of Vitality. We are here solely to reclaim our title on the community. Our goal is to become a well known clan throughout the RSPS community! If you want to become part of something great then this is your chance. We host in house events from pk masses to boss masses to raids masses. We have our own unique loyalty reward system for our members to receive out of pocket donation ranks, items and more upon voting for the server and being active. We have our own custom bot that setups bounties for clan mates to offer ingame payments to the iron gladiators upon killing that target in wilderness. - We're a hard grinding clan built to our unique play-styles with much knowledge of the game mechanics throughout our kinship- Owners ~ Trinityking ~ ~ Respect ~ Rules - Abide by the Iron Clan Community Terms of Service - Abide by channel pins & descriptions - Abide by Vitality's Term of Service - Do not joke or talk about scamming people - Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated - No defaming or instigating others - Staff members have discretion, these rules are broad for a reason - Harassment and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated - Be friendly and try to help players in the community not everyone is as experienced as you - No Real Life Or Verbal Threats Also Includes Personal Dox Or Online Ddoss Threats - Do not make public any personal information of another member without previous permission - Do not Reply or Click any links outside the discord send through DM. Please REPORT & BLOCK that user. - Do not attack any of your teammates, killing anyone that is a member of the clan chat will result in being kicked from CC unless proven to be a mistake then offense will be forgiven. (Killing scouts in CC will be allowed). - Hostility towards a member of the community/CC even if you're outside the clan chat will be consider betraying your clan and will result on being kicked from CC and strip of your rank in discord, you will be muted for 24 hours. - Further infractions to both previous rules with result in being permanently banned from CC and Server, Don't be that guy that everyone hates. Punishments based on severity - Rule infractions may incur strikes (1-4) depending on severity leading to muted or 24-Ban from discord and clan chat. - Multiple and frequent strikes may result in a permanent ban from discord and clan chat. - If you are unhappy with a Mod's decision please contact an Admin. Visit #help-desk if you have any questions. Iron Clan Staff Team Current Admins Respect RSPS Trinityking Current Moderation Team NonDairyCreamer Wonk jr Anthony (Bad Ironman) NOTE: Feel free to message a member of staff if you have any questions or want to report an incident. If staff is unavailable at the time please use the #help-desk to leave a ticket command with your enquiry and a staff member will contact you asap. We will be having a clan only giveaway for two Mystery Boxes and one Donator Rank Scroll Ready to join? https://discord.gg/n9Tg9ss
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