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  1. Welcome bud, if you need any help pm Shruggy in game !
  2. Sick video, I've been interested in doing some sort of wilderness only series. This is mad cool 10/10
  3. Game Name: Shruggy/Iron Shrug Age: 22 Discord Name & Tag: shawn#2142 Country: Canada Timezone: EST ( GMT -4) How active will you be per day? 8-16 hours depending on the day Previous Staff Experience: Discord Admin on gold selling website/osrs gambling discord. Mod on plenty of minecraft servers and I'm an electrician foreman IRL. Why should we choose you? I think you should chose me because of my extensive osrs game knowledge. I have a near maxed account, quest cape etc.. I'm extremely active in the cc chat as is and help people whenever I can regardless of rank. I'm active almost 5-6 hours a day on the test server and I'm always looking for bugs and improvements for the server. Overall I think i would just bring a good positive vibe to the community and offer a great deal of help. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: I think a very underrated quality to have as a staff member is to be conscientious, to have a enhanced baseline of right and wrong. Another quality I think is important in a staff member is patience, people can be extremely irrational in situations where they feel vulnerable/attacked. Having the patience to calm people down and hear them out is incredibly important. And finally I believe the most important skill for a staff member would have to be empathy, everyone wants to be heard and understood. Most problems can be resolved with a simple conversation (unless ofc it's serious). Picture of time played (found in quest tab): https://gyazo.com/8d60d234b707eee4c4e6da54105d5a28 My in game time isn't exactly 3d's but the staff team can vouch that I've been incredibly active on the test server. https://gyazo.com/1df5100ef9d6dc5d2a150b6930f81393
  4. Good update boys glad to see everything was released so smoothly. Time to grind for tob gear
  5. Shruggy

    Magic Wardrobe

    I posted it in the discord for you, I don't know if you can get your items back or not but thanks for reporting the bug
  6. Shruggy

    Magic Wardrobe

    Ill test this out on test servers for you rn
  7. Shruggy

    Protect item

    You most likely either got smited or when you used "Equip last preset" it reset your prayers and you ran out toggle smite and didn't realize prot item was off. Also all those are untradeables, you keep em everytime and repair *most* of them with coins at Doric
  8. Shruggy


    I don't even donate but I'm a commercial electrician ^-^ also carpentry is v pog how is it?
  9. Damn gl bro can't wait for updates
  10. 52xp is a chill ass dude I met him in game and he was super patient and nice. Gl buddy !
  11. How's it going my names Shawn, I go by Shruggy in game or Hi im Shrug. I'm 22, from Canada and I'm 20 total levels of maxed on osrs IGN : 710 Shawn. Pretty experienced in raids content and overall content on osrs. Currently on the Vitality testing team and figured I should probably be a little active on the forums xD Feel free to hmu in game or disc #shawn2142 - Shrug
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