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  1. As an iron i had plenty of timr on multipme accts grinding jot only items and skills. Former rank 1 to what was rank 6 with many 200ms on accts was a huge grind. For it all to waste again is devastating. Especially for others that did the same. Along with grinding methods back then are no longer available and would now take more time/new grind methods to try. With that being said. There could be another risk of this happening again. Let alone the previous version having issues with many people. Staff and false promises to updates that took way too long to handle. With that being said i believe with what has happened woth vitality already has made many peoplea decision to not return possible. As for me. I may look at it again bit at the same time may only play it for the giveaway and to quit right after. Sucks to see it happened. Would be understanding if it was the only issue with a host corrupting the files. But with all the other issues the community has faced before. I feel i cannot spend "life" grinding this again. Find a new server or something what some would say more reliable. Myself my group will most likely find a new home to go to. My condolences -Frosty and the Team
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