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  1. soooo whats going on with ags? cant say im losing money here. but did i miss something?
  2. ooops just re read the post. but yes i agree. ima start working on mine to get them knocked outa the way as well
  3. i gamble myself. but can for sure see it being an issue for eco. the problem though ALOT of people play because of the gambling. i would actually like to see flower poker myself. but def needs to be worked out and tested before releasing. iv herd of some FP games being all handled through coding and neither player has to handle the money. less likely of getting scammed that way imo. either way i think gambling is a nice change to the game. would it help adding a fee to all stakes that take GP out of the game.. not really sure how that would work for dicers though. possibly dicers have to pay fee to keep dice bag playable? idk im just throwing out ideas...
  4. i back up the rune sacks and divine potions
  5. Not the best photo. the lighting is throwing the camera off. its really not that bright. and yes the mouse slides perfectly on the wood haha lets see what everyone else has!
  6. I know this wont even match most of yall here. but im pretty happy with this number... whats everyone else's PB at zulrah? i wana see a 30 second lol
  7. i mean we all just gona lose our cash stack if this come out but im okay with that lol. i would be hooked playing that all day lmao. would even be kinda cool to code in some "automatic pay outs. 2 players start the game etc... both trade npc or what ever. winner get automatically gets it. idk im just throwing out rough ideas lol just an easier way than having one player handle the money
  8. my main thought is for singles pkers... after really thinking about it would be cool to bring back the flower poker. just a thought! any impute or anyone that agrees or has ideas leave a comment!
  9. i just noticed that! i just clicked to hide the sound but may take abit to load. this stream wasnt anything fun. mainly me figuring out the setting and bit rates etc...! see ya around!
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