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  1. -1 unnecessary warnings in yell
  2. -1 better people for the job imo
  3. -1 not enough pets and toxic af on discord
  4. -1 v toxxic btw pking isnt a quality lol
  5. rsn: wallah (cant log into forums for some reason) proof: on around 8 pm uk time i decided to stake 150m against scout1 and the exact time i pressed the final accept button, yeah the servers dced here is trick saying in person himself that the servers dced at that time you can check duel logs for when the server dced and under ::rules refund: i am intitled to a refund as this was NOT JUST ME but the entire server and wasnt my fault there was nothing i could have done and i didnt ddos vitality for 150m lol im not that sad
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