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  1. Well the thing is I didn't want to max to be a number on a high scores, i just wanted to get the max cape, that was the only reason for doing it. And even with the incentives, I don't really race to be the best, I just do it cause it had one benefit, the max cape, otherwise I wouldn't of done it if there was no benefit for doing so. Plus my donations are going to be worthless cause nobody is going to buy a scroll when nobody has the money to buy it. That was really the only reason I bought the scrolls in the first place, so I could have some money. It might sound lazy on my part for doing that but oh well. Maybe if I were to get gp in the game instead of the items i got when i donated then I would reconsider.
  2. I was 4 levels away from my max cape and really don't want to grind that out again. I donated at least $120 bucks or somewhere around there. Even if i get my donations back they wont be worth anything cause its not like anyone will have the money to buy them anyways. I really would like to get a refund on my donations if possible but I doubt that will happen. Good luck on the new server but I just don't want to grind out all those levels again.
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