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  1. Hey Duty, Welcome to Vitality forums my friend, enjoy your stay here at Vitality & i wish you the best of luck!
  2. Centrum


    Hey Demix! Welcome to Vitality community , and its nice having you here at the staff team!
  3. Hello Tink Tink, I've seen you around the game, really nice dude & helpful. I wish you the best of luck my man, vouched here!
  4. Happy gaming everyone 🙂

  5. Hey buddy, Welcome to the community
  6. Hello, welcome to the community buddy
  7. Centrum


    That sucks! Sorry to hear buddy
  8. Centrum

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    You're a legend!!!
  9. Hi Eldelosvinitos, I spoke to your friend earlier i believe, and he said that you were having troubles logging in to the game. My question is, did you create an forums account then went to the client? Because the forums & client aren't linked together which means that you can have 2 different passwords such as in client and forums, they dont have to be the same to log in. But if it says invalid password or incredentials then either your username is already taken or you've entered the wrong password. If that is not the problem, please explain more about your situation so that one of the admins could help you out and hopefully fix this issue you're currently having.
  10. Centrum

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    I like your graphics!! Text - 'CenTruM' Colors - Dark Blue Theme (Dark\Emo, Glow, Futuristic, etc.) - Suprise Me Other Information - I want a character close to my name, to the right. A Dharoker holding its axe :)))
  11. Thank you everyone, glad to be a part of the staff team. Congratulations to the others on their promotions!
  12. Centrum

    Imac here

    Hello @imac Welcome to Vitality!
  13. To be honest he even told you to stop and gave you a lot of chances, of course you have to respect a staff member. Even though it was a troll i'd suggest you to not trolling again since trolling could lead to bad things. Otherwise, i don't see any wrong from the staff's side here, he just has to do what he gotta do.
  14. Centrum


    Currently working with Covid 19, basically i sit on the computer for 9 hours and just banning people from travelling if they haven't done the Covid test. Kinda funny and good money
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