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  1. Please i need help! my Account was just hacked and password was changed in game and on website ! please nidokiller3 the username!

  2. Hey buddy and welcome to the community!
  3. Hey, If you still cannot log in to the game, please pm me on discord your in-game usernames. Gulli#6678. Don't have discord? pm me on forums.
  4. Centrum


    Hello Antonio, welcome to the community
  5. Hey youngin, Welcome to the forums
  6. Sad to see some leave and gz to the new promos!
  7. Great guide, will for sure use for the future!
  8. Hey, Welcome to the community.
  9. Uhmm, answer the puzzles correctly.
  10. Feels good to be back, congratulations to all the promotions and its sad to see some leave
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