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  1. Game Name: Phamtum Age: 23 Discord Name & Tag: Andee#9575 Country: US Timezone: EST How active will you be per day? 3-10 Hours+ Previous Staff Experience: I was a Mod/support on a few servers but they all died, back in 2013-2017 Why should we choose you? I think i would be a good support, because im active on the game and in the vitality cc, i try my best to help new and old players on the server and answer the questions they have. I personally think that you wouldnt be a good support if you didnt do all the stuff on the server so i try my best to do everything from skilling to pvming on the server so i would be able to help players when they're asking questions. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member:1)Communication being able to listen to both sides of the story to be able to make sure that your able to know what the next step is,to do. 2) Being able to have good leadership skills and being reliable so that your able to help and support players when they need help or when trouble comes up. 3) Lastly Patients and teamwork, being able to stay calm when hell gets loose and being able to communicate and work with other staff members and others Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
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