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  1. Its nice to know that some one has the money to drop hundreds of dollars on a server however most of us don't have that luxury I myself am a college student who is unemployed so money is a bit more rare for me sir. your entitled to your own opinion but I believe if a company gave me a discount they should honor me with the full value of the purchase and the discount just for the loss. Why should I be punished for taking a discount that was never my idea but the company and the loss of my time that of the company not me. Lets be honest you purchased so much no matter what you lost you would still remain in the top richest players..
  2. I feel that I am owned my full donation I donated to support this server. I brought a scroll with real money for donator status nothing else their happened to be a sale for 15% off so the scroll ended up costing around 8$. I really love this server and its a great balance of pvp and pvm content I have put countless hours into my account getting almost maxed with a few pets I never asked for their to be a discount or a reset all I want is what I feel like I bought 80 donator points is not what I spent my hard earned money on. I want to be able to feel like I can trust this server and support it in the future but if I cant be refunded what I brought in the first place plus losing all my hard work , I don't see how that's possible I hope this can be sorted in some way.
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