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  1. hey guys long time no see 😮

  2. @ruax @eso @west coast wow ya'll resigned when im making a return... but gz to everyone! keep it up boys!
  3. hello all im returning back to vitality ! looking forward to seeing everyone in game! 😛

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    2. khalifa


      Welcome back!

    3. Immben



      its not your 1b lol but i can give you some , if you been broke this whole timE 😛

    4. Immben


      @khalifa thanks bro! 

  4. Immben

    HCIM tourney (PVP)

    this seem's pretty cool! i would love to watch lol
  5. pm any staff members for help ! 🙂 we will gladly help!

  6. Immben

    Guides List

    great job! very helpful
  7. Congrats to all the new supports and staff!
  8. pm if anyone needs help in game! @immben  🙂

  9. good loots ! will be good for new players! keep it up
  10. nice work! i will dm you sometime soon!
  11. i want a shoutout ! lmao nice famous person that plays vitality
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