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  1. amazing guide, very well done tbh, this will help a good ammount of new players for sure! keep up the good work!
  2. Game Name: Kiddthunder Age: 20 Discord Name & Tag: Kiddthunder Country: Brazil-Usa kinda 50/50 tbh Timezone:Brasília - DF (GMT-3) How active will you be per day? i would say about 13 hrs a day maybe more sometimes Previous Staff Experience: i was a mod in about 10 serves most of them dead btw... but arrav, yannile and vulcan are a few never higher then mod, so only ss/mod Why should we choose you?Im a very acctive player who is really addicted and always try to learn with my mistakes, i answer all the questions that i know the answer so about 97% of help cc question. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: be able to hear both sides, dont get power change your way and your decissions and be able to take hard decissions such has jail/ban/mute a friend or a player you like Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
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