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  1. Hey interesting topic, I smoke about 2-3 times a week. I don't feel bad about smoking at all, Things that had a negative impact on me was the quality of the weed i used to buy. I used to smoke laced / Poorly grown weed about a year ago. Now I lean towards quality over quantity all day long, Sometimes having to pay €15-20 for a gram. I pretty much started weed just out of pure curiosity. I didn't think weed would be so strong the first time i smoked it. It was insane, I loved every moment of it. Sadly because of my high tolerance I can never recreate my first encounter with weed .
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    Damn sick acc, Close to maxing Mine is terrible compare to yours xd
  3. Thanks, will edit
  4. Rogue's chests guide Rogues chests can be a very good money maker for players. *Necessary requirements: 84 thieving, 126 Combat level* Rogues chests are located in Level 50 wilderness, So Pkers can kill you. Gear & Inv (Incase of Pkers) How do I get there? Use Vitality's teleport wizard - Wilderness - Wilderness Obelisk When at the Obelisk, Walk into the Rogues castle and begin thieving. Right click on each chest and click 'Search for traps'. When thieving you will accumulate items such as Runite Ore, Coal, Super combat potions and 10-40k GP each time. Sell your thieved items at the shop assistant in Edgeville for bank! You can earn up to 10m an hour doing this! Hopefully this guide was of benefit to you, Let me know what other guides you'd like to see.
  5. Money making guide Vitality offers a variety of different ways to make easy cash! Voting Every 12 hours you can vote for 9 vote tokens along with a Vote mystery box! These vote tokens can then be sold to players for 200-300k each If you choose to claim your votes you can spend them in the vote managers shop south of edge bank ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PKing - (Player killing) Bounty hunter can make you a lot of money. When entering the wilderness in-game, Click bounty task. When completing these tasks you are rewarded with wilderness points and emblems You can sell your emblems to the wilderness trader Wilderness points shop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revs Revenants can make you a lot of money How do i get there? Use Vitality's teleport wizard and type in 'revenant' Make your way to the colored section *Be careful other players can attack you here resulting in the loss of your items* Drops -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Bosses (Click each boss for a detailed guide on each boss) Credits to @Mice Corporeal Beast Kalphite Queen Cerberus Abyssal Sire Dagannoth Kings Hopefully this guide was of benefit to you, Best of luck making money!
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    Sounds like a good idea bro
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