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  1. Han Solo

    Fixing the ECO

    I can say it was quite depressing seeing someone with a t'bow, full ancestral, faceguard, etc. in the first hour or so of playing. 700 players and about 300+ of them spamming super m'boxes was extremely unsettling. Not to mention, I donated on the 28th $60 and was given a $60 scroll. A few hours after I donated the server shutdown.. then I had to wait 3 days to be reset, etc. THEN I had to wait an additional 12hours+ to finally receive 595 points added to my account... why they didn't add the +5 extra points and my donator rank to my account makes no sense to me. Poor management and ultimately a plan.
  2. I agree, but there is always room for improvement. We have 25+ people Buying/Selling/Gambling/Teleporting in a 10x10 square radius. It's congested to the max IMO. It seems that every OS pk based server has the same trend.. Add 2 bank booths next to wildy. All Shops in General Store. Slayer Master; always inside the Jail. Either a purple/blue wizard or an object that is roaming in the center of edge used for teleportation. G.E/Tp inside edgeville bank. All 5 of these are almost exactly in the same locations of 75%+ of any respectable Pk-based server.. it's very cliche and overused. It's like Vitality is appealing to recycled players from other servers who come here just to Pk? Idk, maybe I am just ranting and tired of seeing the same thing repeated 100x in the last 10+ years. Vitality seems like it could be better than just a typical Pk Server.
  3. I have noticed quite a disconnect amongst the Admin(s)+/Developer Team and it's community when it applies to suggestions. There are many things that need to be altered to make Vitality much better than it currently is and with so much potential and community feedback we should be #1 or atleast the Top 5 on any top voting list, etc. This narrows down to the communication and we lack this completely. I hope to see a change eventually or we will inevitably repeat history. My suggestions: Mapping of Home - We need someone to redesign our home location, it is so generic and unappealing that I have seen this done 100x over since the release of OS back in 2013. Servers continue to do this I feel and we could use a unique home location that hasn't been done before. Make the home location more accessible. I feel players are logging into an overwhelmingly amount of 300-400 players all running around Edgeville. Ingame Ranks - We have no way of distinguishing Ironman from normal players and it's very annoying to see. Staff member ranks are not even prioritizing over Ironman ranks when in Clan Chats or through PM/Yell Chat/ In-game Chat... This needs to change completely so that we see all 1-3 ranks at once next to names. (Donator Rank > Ironman Rank > Staff Rank) Less Staff Members - I am noticing a TON of staff members going inactive and or not even putting time into the community. This has been happening since the release and it fluxuates where we see a lot of demotions and promotions happening quite frequently. We need a dedicated staff team that will last. Me personally I do not think we need 6 Admins & 10 Moderators, half of these numbers should be needed to manage the server. Less OS More Vitality - We emulate OS very well, but I do hope to see more unique content introduced that hasn't been done on every other RSPS since the existence of RSPS's (I've been playing them since 2008). We need wholesome content that really benefits and brings back the community, possibly add 4 seasons of Vitality.. during these seasons we will have specific events and or content introduced; Example.. we are currently in summer, this means we could have some sort of specific yearly content that lasts until September? Once the start of September begins we will launch Winter type content, etc. Remove ::setlevel command. - This needs to be changed ASAP, players having to reset their stats this way is so generic and such an old method, having an option to simply click the skill and editing the stats is much easier. We could also use a ::zerker ; ::pure ; ::max - command list. There are TONS of suggestions that I have viewed in this suggestion section that deserves much more attention and it is not receiving it! I can almost guarantee this thread itself will not receive much recognition either, so please Staff Members.. take some time and develop the community's input on what we want to see. Thanks.
  4. Post here - https://forum.vitality.ps/forum/21-request-support/ This may take some time, please be patient.
  5. I'll be preparing for v3.0.. Jk. It's going to be a nice little grind on my HCIM again!
  6. Very frustrating to see, but necessary.
  7. Hunter Guide added, thank you @Kim!
  8. Missing skilling guides below; Once new guides arise this thread will update accordingly.
  9. I've noticed that when announcements are listed for players their rank icons are not being displayed. Example; - If this were an HCIM there should be an HCIM Ironman helm next to their name. This gives players a bit of gratitude for their accomplishments as Ironman. This should apply not just for 99 stats but for all yell announcements. Tournament winner Donator Rank progression Maxed account announcement New obtained pets etc. I think it would be even better to see Donator Ranks + Ironman helms inside the same name while yelling. This prevents any confusion between Ironmans and Players. As for Staff members they too should have their donator rank + staff rank displayed somehow. Please & thank you!
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