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  1. nah since they lost db drop party will help out too just that dropping plat tokens won't help out
  2. i got a question for the First to 200m Experience in one skill - 200m OSRS GP does that mean like only skilling or combat skills too?
  3. well i hope i get my $10 scroll back!
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    Somehow i had full inventory of food and then I dropped my vio nightmare staff while i had full inventory to see if i can bait someone in the wildy but then it says i detatch my orb but all i saw was my nightmare staff no orb tell staff to check it out. Make sure you have full inventory then have your vio nightmare staff and then click drop it'll say you detatch it but you won't see the orb spawn at all.. check my trade logs you'll see that i didnt trade it to anyone. https://imgur.com/a/iaiBIFg
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