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  1. Kim


    Welcome to Vitality!
  2. Kim

    Cant connect?

    The expected time of release is extended by 15 more minutes. They're pushing the discount code into the game so had to do another temporary reset!
  3. Kim

    Jeep Here

    Hey man. Perfect time to join especially because of server reset, promotional events, and new add-ons coming up this week! See you in game jeepo
  4. Curious what others have to say about their initial goals. Mine, without a doubt, is to race all of ya'll to 200m xp or get a skilling pet :). What's yours?
  5. Kim


    My boy UID, welcome dawg
  6. Haha hats off to ya, thanks bro
  7. Hey man, it seems like you are trying to say that I'm under qualified but trying to seem like I'm overqualified? Can you give specific details for clarity - I'm just trying to understand your position better. I'm also open to criticisms as well. I'm not 15 nor would I have any incentives to lie about my age lol, and I believe that one of stronger, necessary attribute of a staff member is hard work. If I come off as trying to hard, i'm really not. I genuinely support and appreciate this community! You can disagree with me on this, but to each their own opinions.
  8. Game Name: Kimmy | Elite Scroll Age: 23 Discord Name & Tag: Kimmy#4987 Country: United States Timezone: Central How active will you be per day? Prior to the server update, I averaged 7-8 hours of game play on a daily basis. I usually set aside one to two hours to accommodate the needs of fresh/intermediate players Previous Staff Experience: I became a global moderator in Soulsplit RSPS within 4 months of server's release date! I'm very familiar with staff commands, duty, and performed necessary due diligence when it came to heavy-ier issues - a skill set that will translate smoothly into other servers. Why should we choose you? I encompass a strong sense of commitment, vulnerability, and professionalism- a trait that allows me to create a robust relationship between the player and a staff, while standing firm and righteously carrying out given duties as a staff member. These stated qualities is what I've inherited from real life experiences and I want to share a quick testimony on why I would be a perfect fit! Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Empowering: I am always looking to push others to achieve their goals and passion! For example, irl, I've connected 100s if not 1000s of student to top-tier companies so they would recruit at our school. It took a lot of networking, 1-on-1 relationship building with the recruiters but doing so paved the way to empower students to reach for higher goals, as opposed to settling for garbage, low-profile jobs. In this sense, I would do the same in this RSPS. What we are missing are tons of guide. I will get started on them asap (already made one - check out ::topic 1803) to bring uniform information and trade strategies to the players so they can achieve their goals in an efficient manner. Trust-worthy: All my assigned duties will be handled with care, with integrity, and due-diligence. I thrive in an environment when trust is established in relationships. I can very well say that, in confidence, that I will never abuse my given power and if there are gray situations, it'll be communicated with the team to take on proper measure. Good listener: Anyone can be a leader at any point in their lives - I've chosen to step up at this moment because I find it to be the perfect time. Staff members are facing heavy backlash from frustrated players (which is completely understandable) and its overwhelming, stressful, tiring as the portion of staff to players is quite low in my opinion. In many cases, I see players who gets frustrated because their questions are left unanswered but I do understand from the staff's perspective that they have many other issues to take care of. Let me alleviate some of that burden for you guys, I can easily handle this. Picture of time played (found in quest tab): Server Reset | NA
  9. Announcements updated | Server reset!
  10. Without a doubt, the server will be up and running today. Check in with the discord community (Main page > top of the page > Discord) to keep up with the newest update.
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