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  1. Kim

    Hello :D

    See you in-game!
  2. Kim


    Hi, see you in-game
  3. Welcome Shane. You can join "Vitality" CC for community help. You can also check out the beginners guide posted under guide section to help you transition into the game-play. See you in-game!
  4. Kim


    Welcome to Vitality!
  5. Kim

    Jeep Here

    Hey man. Perfect time to join especially because of server reset, promotional events, and new add-ons coming up this week! See you in game jeepo
  6. Curious what others have to say about their initial goals. Mine, without a doubt, is to race all of ya'll to 200m xp or get a skilling pet :). What's yours?
  7. Kim


    My boy UID, welcome dawg
  8. Announcements updated | Server reset!
  9. Without a doubt, the server will be up and running today. Check in with the discord community (Main page > top of the page > Discord) to keep up with the newest update.
  10. Go to Vitality.Ps and look for the discord tab at the top of the page! Join #general to engage with other players or #announcement to view the recent updates
  11. Server is currently down for maintenance - check in later or join ::Discord to be updated. Cheers!
  12. This! Since the server is fresh off the boat, my hope is that these changes will be implemented near-future. I'm completely on board, maybe raising the loyalty points to compensate for the drop rate boost? My concern, however, is that it may devalue third-age prices (especially since it's available for purchasable in-store) to the point where it's no longer treated as a rare item. Helm of Raewald - .5% DR boost | 120k Loyalty Points Garb - .5% DR boost | 120k Loyalty Points Trousers - .5% Dr Boost | 120k Loyalty Points Gloves - .5% Dr boost | 120k Loyalty Points Boots - .5% Dr boost | 120k Loyalty Points Cloak - .5% Dr Boost | 120k Loyalty Points Wielding full set (gives +1% extra DR) = 4% total
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